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Should You Stay or Go? 4 Sure Signs Your Employer Cares about You (and 4 They Don’t)

Does your boss really value you as a person – and as an employee?

Everyone is busy on the job. But if your supervisor doesn’t take the time to say and do things that communicate “you’re important to our success,” how are you supposed to know if they truly value your hard work and contributions?

Sometimes the signals are subtle. Today, our Nashville staffing agency shares the things smart employers do to show employees they care – and a few red flags which may indicate your company doesn’t give a hoot about you.

4 Signs Your Employer Cares about You

  1. You get regular feedback and guidance. Knowing where you go wrong or right is critical to performing your job well. Whether you do well or miss the mark, does your boss consistently provide the guidance and support you need?
  2. Your boss helps you chart a clear career path. Does your supervisor meet with you to talk about your long-term career path within the company? And when your manager says they’ll help you move forward, do they follow through on their commitments? Doing so shows they care.
  3. They show you and tell you (but mainly show). Being told that your work really matters is important, but an employer that shows you you’re valued – through pay raises, work flexibility, providing the resources you need, and more – is a real keeper.
  4. Your opinion counts. Are you informed about and/or consulted on upcoming decisions that impact your role or department – or are you kept in the dark? Employers that value their staff loop them in on decisions, ask for their opinion, and act on employee input when it makes sense to do so.

4 Signs Your Employer Couldn’t Care Less about You

  1. You’re kept in the dark. Lack of feedback, not consulting you on relevant decisions, and not sharing important changes are different ways of communicating the same thing: “If you don’t like it, tough.”
  2. They give and take (but mostly take). If your company treats your every request as a major inconvenience, it’s their way of saying you’re inconvenient – not a true asset.
  3. They make unreasonable demands. Obviously, bosses must set objectives and expect you to hit them. But a boss who communicates solely in demands – with no regard for your workload, or without empowering you to hit your objectives – probably considers your perspective and well-being irrelevant, as long as the job gets done.
  4. They talk down – or don’t talk at all. A manager who refers to “the employees” in your presence, or who can’t be bothered to strike up meaningful conversations with you, likely views you as a second-class citizen.

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