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Want to Recruit and Retain Middle Tennessee Tech Workers? Make Sure You Offer What They REALLY Want

Ping pong tables and swing chairs?

They may entertain, but gimmicks aren’t the best way to attract and keep tech professionals.

With competition for qualified tech talent at an all time high, Middle Tennessee employers that understand the unique perks, benefits and opportunities these professionals want will have a decided advantage.

So, what are tech workers REALLY looking for?

Competitive pay? Yes. Health and wellness benefits? Absolutely. But those are just the start. Today, our Wilson County staffing and recruiting experts give you the inside track on what these professionals want most:

  1. Job flexibilty. Unsurprisingly, work/life balance has become the most sought-after benefit for workers of all types, tech professionals included. While the suitability of these options will depend on the nature of your jobs and organization, here are a few to consider offering:
    • Flexible schedules, including compressed work weeks and flexible start/stop times
    • Job sharing
    • A generous PTO package (many employers offer unlimited PTO to gain a recruiting advantage)
    • Paid maternity/paternity leave
  2. Remote work. While allowing employees to telecommute requires a leap of faith on your part, it shows your staff that you prioritize their need for work/life satisfaction. Protect your organization by creating a sound remote work policy, which clearly outlines eligibility, compensation and work hours, security and communication procedures, and performance expectations.
  3. Social purpose. Millennials, in particular, want to work for organizations that have a clear commitment to doing social good. Make it clear, both in your job postings and daily interactions with employees, the impact their work will have in their community and/or the world at large. Give employees the opportunity to volunteer in the community on an individual basis, and build a reputation as an organization with a strong social purpose woven into its mission.
  4. Student loan repayment assistance. To gain the skills they need to work in your company, tech professionals frequently take on substantial educational debt. Student loan contributions of just $50 or $100 a month can be a huge job attraction and retention factor, since most borrowers’ monthly payments are under $300 per month.
  5. Interesting work and challenging projects. Career stagnancy is a primary driver of turnover among technology professionals. Make sure your organization is a place where employees have continual opportunities to learn, challenge themselves and advance their careers by:
    • Promoting mentorship
    • Providing both formal and informal skill-building options
    • Assigning high-potential employees “stretch” assignments
    • Building a culture that tolerates reasonable risk-taking and occasional failure
  6. Provide training beyond technology. Strengthen tech employees’ interdepartmental bonds by offering instruction that helps them understand other aspects of your business and become more well-rounded professionals. When your employees better understand your company’s big picture and the bottom-line impact of their efforts, they feel more connected and invested.
  7. Genuine caring. Often, the secret to recruiting and retaining tech workers doesn’t lay in elaborate perks; it’s about respecting them as humans. Listen to your candidates and employees. Gather their feedback to make your organization a better place to work. Provide the resources and support they need to perform their jobs well. Build a culture of collaboration. Give them the opportunities and quality of life that makes them want to work hard for you, longer.

If you’re struggling to find top technical and management professionals, Wood Personnel has the expertise and talent network to connect you to the right people – who will stay working for you. Contact our Lebanon staffing service or your local Wood Personnel office today.