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Three Ways to Build a Safety Culture at Work

Safety is a priority for all companies, and so it needs to be one of your priorities, too. Your managers can empower your safe habits with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and providing you with the proper training, but so much of workplace safety comes down to your daily decision-making. You don’t want to be responsible for an accident or a mishap that will cost your company or put one of your coworkers in jeopardy.

Three Ways to Build a Safety Culture at Work


Many workers roll their eyes at those training videos or posters around the workplace that promote safety. They’ve seen them all and they get tired of them. But most people are likely to take them more seriously when they come from their peers. In fact, their attitude seems to change when they consider the safety of those close to them ahead of their own potential injuries. So encourage your coworkers to make safe decisions for others. Make teamwork and collaboration a priority so that your team is naturally considering the well-being of others and making their coworkers’ lives easier.

Propose What-Ifs

What-if scenarios are a great way to get people to think about what they would do in various situations. It’s a good way to get people thinking about safe procedures and making a plan for themselves and what they would do in hazardous situations. Encourage them to prioritize the health and well-being of their colleagues as they think ahead and make plans.

Set a Good Example

Perhaps the best and easiest way you can encourage safe behavior in your teammates is to do the same for them. Make safety and good decision-making the norm and not an anomaly. Show your coworkers that they can rely on you for good, safe practices and you expect to be able to rely on them. You can’t necessarily count on random compliant behavior simply because the boss is looking, but you can rely on safe habits that stem from a safe mindset and effective procedures. After all, it’s your health and safety on the line. Nothing is more motivating than the potential for injuries when it comes to developing safe practices.

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