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How to develop a Mentor/Mentee Relationship with a Recruiter

A mentor is an individual who can help you get the most out of your career. Through communication and guidance, they can explain how they’ve accomplished certain things and give you suggestions for how you can do the same. You can share your goals and ideas with them and get honest and constructive feedback. So how can you get the most benefit from a valuable mentor relationship? Just follow these tips from a leading provider of jobs in Nashville TN.

Why Recruiters Can Make Good Mentors

Recruiters are experts in the staffing field. Their main task is to match candidates with jobs based on their skills, knowledge and qualifications. They understand what a candidate needs to be good at a job and can recommend interview and resume techniques that enable success. They also understand the marketplace—and can give tips about what it might take to get hired and what employers are looking for. A recruiter can provide insight and expert advice about your career.

How to Work with Your Mentor

The key is finding a mentor with the right background to help you. This can include someone with knowledge of your field, as well as someone you simply feel comfortable working with. Communication is also important—you’ll need to be able to explain what you want from the relationship and how you need your mentor to guide and help you. Allow yourself to be curious and explore suggestions or options you may not have considered before. And be brave, because your mentor may have constructive criticism that is meant to help you grow and improve. But also be honest—if something about your mentorship process isn’t working, you’ll get the most value from the relationship if you’re up front. Be ready to meet regularly and keep the conversation going. A mentorship works best when you’re committed to it.

If the Relationship isn’t Working

If you’ve met with your mentor several times, but you feel you’re not benefitting from the relationship, it could just be that this person isn’t the right mentor for you. If this happens, simply thank the person for their help and explain the type of career counseling you’re in search of. Always keep it professional. Your mentor may be able to recommend another person who can help you achieve your goals.

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