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[Navigating Difficult Conversations] Inter-Employee Conflicts

As a manager, effective ways to handle employee conflict are a mandatory part of your day. Hopefully, your workplace is full of individuals who consistently challenge each other to think differently and be their very best. Unfortunately, in this same kind of productive and stimulating work environment, you will also encounter the occasional employee scuffle.

It’s OK—it happens! The most important thing is to swiftly and effectively take care of employee conflict before it blows up into larger issues. Just follow these tips from the best staffing agency in Nashville TN—Wood Personnel:

Take Immediate Action

Don’t let a problem fester. As soon as you’ve learned that something is up, get in touch with the people involved.

Rule Out Harassment

Employees have legal rights to be comfortable and happy at work. And if something is happening that can be considered harassment, you’ll need to identify it and take care of the situation right away. Remember, intentions don’t constitute harassment—perception

Listen to Both Sides

Talk to each employee individually to understand their side of the story. This may help you put more context to the conflict in order to make recommendations if needed.

Encourage Employees to Work it Out

Self-sufficient workers are any employer’s dream. Once you’ve talked to both employees individually, encourage them to work out their differences constructively and professionally. Remind them that some of the best ideas are born out of differing opinions.

Stay Impartial

Never take sides. Be an impartial third party that wants the best for all involved.

If a conflict continues and employees can’t agree to disagree, provided it isn’t a harassment situation, you may need to take disciplinary action (up to and including termination). It can be tough, but you must keep the best interests of the majority of your employees, plus your business, in mind.

Need to Staff Up?

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