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Explain My Employment History in an Interview

Is There a “Best” Way to Explain My Employment History in an Interview?

If you’ve ever found yourself out of work, you’re in good company. No, it’s not a desirable outcome, but it happens. You may have experienced a layoff due to COVID-19, or you may have been let go from a position. But whatever the reason, it’s probably going to come up in an interview. And even if it doesn’t, you can always “clear the air” by bringing it up yourself.

If you’re wondering how to explain unemployment gaps during your next interview, just follow these tips.

Be Prepared

Don’t get caught off guard when it comes to discussing unemployment or gaps in your work history. Always remember to keep it positive when you describe them, no matter what the reason was.

Be Honest

This is always the best policy, as the story goes. Plus, if you attempt to avoid talking about employment gaps, a potential employer can find out about them anyway. So always be honest! It could be as simple as a layoff due to downsizing. If you were terminated, simply describe what happened and always frame it by including what you learned as a result of the situation and how you adjusted your work ethic. Never place blame or bad mouth a previous manager or employer. If you left to be a caretaker for a family member, raise children, travel, etc., be straightforward about the reason behind your employment gap.

Describe Any Skills You Learned

Let’s say you took a few years off to raise children. During that time, you didn’t gain any formal professional growth. But you may have tacked on organizational or multitasking skills like none other! Maybe you had a difficult time finding your next job, but did some volunteer work during your unemployment. If you traveled, you gained an appreciation of another culture. Time out of work is never time wasted—always give it a positive spin!

Move On

Don’t dwell on this part of the conversation. Simply discuss what you prepared to say and then steer the conversation back to another topic.

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