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Reviewing Applications when Hiring

What Characteristics Should You Look for When Hiring?

In search of new employees? If so, you probably know that the better your hiring matches are, the better your chances of holding onto those valuable employees. After all, hiring can be a long, tedious process. When you invest the time, you want to be sure you won’t have to do it again soon after. To make good hiring choices, it helps to hire employees with the right characteristics. But which qualities should you be looking for?

Characteristics of Good Employees

When interviewing, look for evidence of these five top qualities, as recommended by a leader in the job market in Middle TN:

Technical Skills

First and foremost—can the person do the job? Yes, they may have all the right education and qualifications listed, but it always helps to ask them to complete a skills competency test as part of the interview process.

Good Communication

Most positions require a person to be able to communicate thoughts, ideas, and important information through verbal and written means. This includes good listening skills.

Eagerness to learn

Employees who are motivated to do more and become better at their job will go far with your company. Ask each candidate where they see themselves in five years. Do they hope to move around and up? Do they hope to stay with your company long-term?

Alignment with Company Culture

If the very best candidate doesn’t mesh well with your work environment and other employees, he or she will not thrive. Find out what a candidate’s preferred work style is, and hire people who fit with your company culture.


Most jobs aren’t 100% predictable day-to-day. Think about the COVID-19 situation—many people still employed have found themselves working from home full-time, or have adapted to a whole new set of rules if they’re still coming into work. This and many other situations require flexibility. Candidates who can’t adapt will have a hard time succeeding.

Work with a Recruiter if You Need More Help!

If you’re in search of new hires and feel you could use support, it saves time to partner with a staffing agency. Check out Wood Personnel Services. To learn more, just contact us today!