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Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Take a Temporary Job When Job Searching

If you’re in search of your next job, you’re probably looking for something permanent. But what happens if, during your hunt, you’re offered a temporary position? You may at first feel it’s a bad move to agree to temporary work; however, a temp assignment provides plenty of benefits. Just consider the following five from a leading provider of jobs in Nashville, Franklin, Gallatin, Lebanon, and Murfreesboro TN—Wood Personnel Services:

Get Paid

We all know money pays the bills—and if you’ve been out of work for even a little bit, continuously dipping into your savings account could have you on edge. Accepting temporary work gives you at least some amount of income, which can help you breathe easier until you find a full-time, permanent position.

Gain Experience

If the temporary assignment is in your chosen field, or even if it isn’t, you’re gaining valuable work experience. You could be learning hands-on skills related to your career path, or soft skills you can apply across the board. Anything new you learn can be added to your resume, making it even stronger.

Build Your Confidence

Let’s face it, waiting for a job opportunity to pop up might make you feel anxious or even down on your luck. But if you’re currently working, it’s a confidence booster—giving you the push you need to get out there and do an awesome job at your next interview.


Even if it’s just a temporary assignment, you’ll meet other working professionals. And you never know who knows someone who’s looking to hire.

Land a Permanent Position

Some employers actually ARE looking for a permanent hire, but they’re wary of choosing the wrong candidate. Sometimes, this means bringing on a temp worker to do a job for a bit to pave the way to a full-time job offer. If you’re a good fit for a position and a company, your temp job could be extended to permanent placement—you never know.

Having a Hard Time Finding Your Next Job?

Whether temp or permanent, sometimes it’s stressful to find a job opening. Working with a staffing agency can help. Your recruiter will help you find a new job based on your experience and career goals—contacting you when the perfect opening is available.

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