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Mastering the Interview: Common Questions to Prepare For

If you’re preparing for a job interview, one of the best things to do is practice the answers to common interview questions. It will help you calm any interview jitters you have, because you’ll enter your interview fully prepared and ready to go. You can learn more about this topic and other top interview information by downloading our “Mastering the Modern Job Interview” e-book.

Common Interview Questions and Answers

To get a jumpstart on getting ready for your upcoming interview, practice the following popular interview questions from an expert provider of warehouse jobs in Nashville:

  1. So, tell me about yourself. Probably the MOST common interview question, this one is often used at the very beginning of the interview as a type of ice breaker. After all, one of the easiest topics to talk about is yourself. When you answer this question, keep it focused mostly on your work experience and how it applies to the job you’ve applied to. Talk about your education, past positions, what you’re up to in your current (or most recent) job and your career goals.
  2. Tell me about a project that did not go as planned. An interviewer is not as concerned with your mistakes as much as how you handled them. Your answer to this question helps them understand how you handle challenges—so always show that once you figured out what went wrong, all the steps you took to learn from the experience.
  3. What is your greatest weakness? Similar to your answer to the previous question, an interviewer doesn’t want to hear that you’re flawless, because no one is. The best answer is to focus on a weakness that isn’t related to the job and how you’re working on overcoming it.
  4. Why do you want to work here? Are you interested in a long-term stint with the company, or are you just passing through on your way to your next position? One way you can show this is through your interest in the company. So read about them by visiting their website and social media pages, to show the interviewer you know what they’re all about!
  5. Why did you leave your lasts job? When you answer this question, NEVER say anything bad about your previous boss or company. Instead, talk about how the company no longer aligned with your career goals and the job to which you’ve applied is a much better fit for you.

Need Guidance?

If you’re in search of guidance on your job search journey, check out Wood Personnel. We’ll work with you to understand your career goals and find a job that fits. To learn more, contact us today!