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What is the true value of a proper and professional resume?

Are resumes outdated? With sites like LinkedIn, it may seem that your resume is an old-fashioned document, a thing of the past.

But this simply isn’t true. Just take it from a leading provider of immediate hiring jobs in Nashville, TN.

In fact, your resume is the number-one resource recruiters and hiring managers use as part of the hiring process. So if you’re in the market for a new job (or you will be in the future), it’s a good idea to make updates to your resume. And to keep it updated on a regular basis so you’ll have it at a moment’s notice when you need it.

Why is a resume important?

Your resume includes key information about your work history, job skills, and qualifications. It provides a one-stop-shop where a recruiter can read more about you to decide whether or not you’d be a good candidate for an open job, or if they need to keeping looking. Your resume can help you land more interviews and get hired, especially if it’s well-written.

Show your work history

You can list your past jobs that apply to the type of position you’re looking for. List them chronologically backwards, with your more recent experience first. Talk not just about what your responsibilities were, but what you accomplished. Use numbers to help quantify, if you can.

List your qualifications

This includes your education and any special training and certifications you may have earned. It can also include programs you know how to use, the equipment you have experience with, languages you speak, or anything else that pertains to the job you’d like to land.

Highlight your soft skills

Beyond education, soft skills are important. These are things you may be a natural at, or that you’ve learned on the job. Soft skills include communication, team work, organization, and leadership.

Detail your education

You can provide a succinct list of your college, grad school, trade schools or other professional organizations you’ve received education and training from.

Explain your value as an employee

What have you accomplished in your career? You might include this in your summary/objection statement at the beginning of your resume, or within your work history section. It’s also important to describe why you’re the perfect fit when you include a cover letter along with your resume. It will help tell the story of you to a recruiter.

Need more information?

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