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Resigning From Your Office Job

Ready to give your two weeks’ notice? Make sure you let your local recruiter know first!

If you’ve just about had it with your job, you may feel like giving your two weeks’ notice. But it’s never a great idea to resign without having another job lined up first. Most recruiters will tell you that candidates who are currently employed are more attractive to employers than those without jobs. A jobless candidate can send up a red flag.

Tell your recruiter if you’re feeling stuck

The first person you should talk to when you’re reaching a breaking point in your current role is your recruiter. They’ll want to understand what you don’t like about your current job and what you might want from a new job. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for your recruiter to place you with something you’ll like when the opportunity pops up.

You never know what’s available

Right now, plenty of jobs are opening and left unfilled. Your recruiter may already know about a perfect match for you with very little wait time. It’s always worth it to ask, especially if you’re feeling less than dazzled by your current employment.

How your recruiter can help

It’s easier to work with a recruiter than going it on alone. That’s because many employers work exclusively with recruiters to fill open jobs—meaning opportunities are never advertised to the public. So you may find out about available positions you wouldn’t have otherwise heard about.

Your recruiter is also an expert at placement and wants to see employees succeed when placed with new roles. It builds the recruiter’s reputation with their clients to make the best employment matches. So if a recruiter recommends you for a job opening, it’s safe to say you’re well-qualified, with high potential to land the job.

In addition, your recruiter is a confidential resource. So you can explore possible job openings without anyone knowing what you’re up to (including your current boss).

Always look before you leap

Even if you’re feeling fed up, it’s always a good idea to have something else lined up before you leave a job. You’ll save yourself the worry of how you’ll continue to pay your bills and maintain a steady income. And it never hurts to contact a recruiter to investigate what else might be out there for you.

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