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What Might Employees Want from a Modern Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture has been—and continues to be—important in attracting and retaining employees. Beyond the day-to-day of the job, with responsibilities and deadlines, a company’s culture makes it enjoyable to spend your 40 hours in an atmosphere you enjoy.

Company cultures continue to evolve, especially with the shifting face of the American workplace. Many companies feature hybrid or fully remote models, and this has changed the way employees work and interact.

From VPNs to Zoom calls, benefits, and group gatherings—what types of features do employees expect from a modern corporate culture?

Features of the Top Company Cultures

To know what kind of cultures employees are looking for, it helps to look to the experts. Companies with popular and sought-after cultures include the following:

  • Microsoft. This tech giant leads the pace with its company culture. Features include:
    • A growth mindset, and the belief that everyone can grow and develop
    • Customer obsessed, learning everything about customers and providing solutions that meet their needs
    • Diversity and inclusion, and the belief that they can serve everyone on the planet by representing everyone on the planet.
  • Google. What makes the inner-workings of Google tick? Their culture features:
    • Making life easier with their products, through innovation and product support
    • Commitment to improve the lives of people through technology, including helping people with disabilities and providing digital tools to help businesses grow.
    • Building belonging, with a more inclusive workplace, co-creation of products and unlocking more opportunity in society
  • Elsevier. Helping clinicians and researchers decide where to focus their efforts, this research company has made a commitment to change the world with the following culture:
    • Purposeful work, helping people understand their work matter, and improve through continuous learning
    • Growing every day, through a constant path of discovery and realizing one’s potential
    • Colleagues who care, as commitment and dedication is one of the cornerstones of the company

How Can You Create a Top Company Culture?

Beyond the above features of top cultures, employees frequently look for the following:

  • Rich benefits, that include affordable care, wellness and mental health support
  • Flexible scheduling, through work-from-home options and hybrid scheduling
  • Communication with supervisors to understand work progress, and leadership to understand how one’s work fits into the “big picture”
  • A variety of meeting styles that engage different personality types—from in person, to video, to conference call

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