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How to Start Planning for 2023 You Want and Deserve

In 2023 you will need a combination of skills and talents to advance within your organization or do well in a job interview. You must take a holistic approach. Companies will seek those who are strong communicators with a high level of emotional intelligence. Additionally, you will need knowledge of artificial intelligence, software coding, and numerous tech platforms. Flexibility and a willingness to constantly learn is the current trend, and you can expect them to continue in 2023.

Embrace Change

It would help if you embraced change because there is no other choice. Things change fast and often become volatile. Look at our interactions in person and on social media. We did benefit from robust hiring, skyrocketing stock prices, and the creation of new startups.

Now, businesses are laying workers off. Hiring freezes permit attrition without replacing quitting workers. You might be changing jobs or starting a new career. Adapting to the changes might require you to reinvent yourself and pivot your career in a new direction. Keep your chin up. Changes also open opportunities.

Know How to Communicate and Code

2023 will not require you to become a software engineer, but you must be comfortable with new technologies. Consider taking a coding, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, or cybersecurity course.

Communication is critical. Companies appreciate those who can write and speak intelligently. Major corporations expect strong communication skills. Keep learning to stay updated with new developments and trends affecting your industry. Most of us are online now, so be digitally fluent and active on social media. A presence can help build your reputation and even lead to a job offer.

It Will Not Come Easy

It might be a surprise or expected, but there is a strong chance your lifestyle and financial situation will not match that of your parents. Securing a job, building a career, and purchasing a home or vehicle will be challenging.

Worse still, nobody is coming to rescue you. You must rely on yourself in 2023. You will make things happen with your unyielding hard work, efforts, and determination. Sometimes your skills could be more appreciated, and you will have to start over again. The downsizings and losses in your 401-K and retirement plans will require that you remain mentally and emotionally strong. Continual job switching and pivoting careers will be commonplace.

Teach yourself to be self-resilient and develop the confidence to do what you wish. Fear is normal, so keep forging against the odds and obstacles and succeed in making 2023 the type of year you deserve. If a new job is a plan, check out the offerings at Wood Personnel Services. The professionals at Wood Personnel Services can help you find the right job for 2023.