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Hiring in the Holiday Season

How Might a Staffing Partner Help You Hire FASTER This Holiday Season?

Hiring is a time-consuming and expensive process. This holiday season, a staffing partner might be the answer to help you hire faster. One of the most significant advantages of working with a staffing partner is that they can quickly fill positions. With access to large talent pools and sophisticated recruiting tools to identify qualified candidates, a staffing partner can greatly reduce your hiring time.

Full-Time Attention

The holiday season is hectic, and you might be working hard to hire quickly. Unfortunately, competing priorities only allow you to commit limited time to your cause of hiring. When you partner with a staffing agency, this is no longer a problem. Hiring new employees is the full-time responsibility of recruiters. Staffing agencies accomplish much in little time because they work on your hiring all day.

Talent Pools

Staffing firms use sophisticated automation software to ensure you get access to the best available jobs. They also maintain extensive networks that they can mine to find candidates faster. Recruiters can do this because they keep extensive contacts. A staffing partner will work hard to maintain talent pools filled with candidates interested in new opportunities. Some of these candidates actively pursue new jobs, while others might have a passive interest in moving if the right opportunity arises.

The extensive database allows your staffing partner to identify any candidates who might be a great fit for an open position on your team and identify them quickly. When your staffing partner finds a fit, it eliminates multiple hiring steps, saving you time and money.

A Temporary Hire in the Interim

Some positions will take more time to fill than others. However, for a staffing partner, this is not a problem. You might typically remain short-staffed until you find the ideal fit for your available job. If so, it is time to take a different approach. A staffing partner can provide your organization with a temporary staffer to join your team during the interim. It takes the pressure off your company and allows you to take your time finding the best fit for the job.

The job market is changing considerably, and the hiring process is longer and more difficult than it was just a few years ago. Top talent is hard to find, and it is extremely time-consuming for managers to review resumes, conduct interviews, and still be responsible for day-to-day operations. A staffing partner saves time and money by prescreening candidates to ensure the manager always interviews candidates who fit the position. Working with a staffing agency can help you hire employees fast this holiday season.

If you seek talent in the industrial, administrative, or professional field, let Wood Personnel Services help you find staff this holiday season.