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Are You Writing Down Monthly Goals? If Not, Here’s Why You Should Start!

Don’t set goals? It might be time to start! Goal setting is thinking about your ideal future and turning that vision into a reality. Monthly goals might be the perfect way to get started. We want to accomplish monthly goals by the end of the month, so these goals tend to be small and short-term. However, they are an integral part of long-term and life goals.

Why Set Monthly Goals?

The process of monthly goal setting can move beyond just achieving goals. It can help you recognize your self-worth. The act demonstrates that you deserve to achieve your dreams and are willing to work hard to attain your goals. It is the foundation of self-appreciation.

Goal setting requires a time-sensitive action plan to create change in your life. It is not the time or place for five-year plans or New Year’s resolutions. What monthly goals do is curb any procrastination you might be experiencing. Goals will give you the drive and determination to check off your monthly to-do list.

No matter the focus, monthly goals will keep you moving. They will encourage and motivate you to create habits and set goals that align with your values. Each time you achieve a monthly goal, you will be more self-confident.

Setting Monthly Goals

To set monthly goals, you will need to think differently than you would if setting long-term goals. It would help if you thought about the timeframe and what is possible to achieve within it. Life change begins with small steps. Here are a few tips for serving as a guide for creating a plan to achieve your monthly goals:

  • Use the SMART goal framework. Putting your dreams through the criteria can greatly help, especially if you make them measurable and specific.
  • Write your goals down. Write your goals down, and you will not forget them! It does not matter if it is by hand or virtual. Just make sure you can see them every day.
  • Celebrate success. As the days of the month click by, you will see progress. It would help if you set aside time to celebrate your milestones. Recognition of achievements, no matter how small, will keep you motivated to keep going.
  • Create goals that challenge you. If it is a sinch to achieve, there is no point in making a goal. It is about balance. Make your goals challenging enough that you have to put work in, but still attainable and possible for you to accomplish.
  • Accept feedback. You will learn a lot when you set goals, so kindly accept input from friends, coworkers, and family members. Their advice might point you in the right direction.
  • Align your goals with your values. Pause and consider what is important to you. Goals can help you live with a purpose if they align with your values.
  • Break your goals down. Set monthly goals, but break them down into weekly or daily goals to help you remain organized and focused on what you need to accomplish each week.

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