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What Does Gen Z Expect From Their Candidate Experience?

Generation Z is in the workforce. These workers are the oldest of those born in the mid-1990s. This generation is the most technologically experienced and racially diverse yet. This group has different expectations of work than previous generations, forcing companies to alter branding strategies to attract and retain these new employees. What exactly does Gen Z expect from you during their candidate experience?

Learn What Gen Z Values When Job Searching

They Dislike the Candidate Black Hole

This generation values communication. Gen Z has social media at its fingertips, and members are not afraid to post about negative job search experiences. Try to avoid the candidate’s black hole with this group. They do not appreciate never hearing back from you. Improve the candidate experience for them with a simple email confirmation that you received their application.

Talk Is Cheap for This Group

Gen Z is looking for more than words and empty promises during their candidate experience. Their care deeply about addressing diversity and sustainability and want more than mere lip service regarding these issues. Make a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Gen Z Does Not Search Newspaper Job Ads

Using the internet with this group is not an option. It is the norm. YouTube is the most popular platform Gen Z uses to learn about companies. They also prefer using Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Glassdoor. This group expects a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that makes your company more appealing.

This group is different from previous generations. Resumes have different values, and technology plays a more significant role in marketing and candidate selection. Gen Z wants to work for businesses that take responsibility and communicate.

Work-Life Balance

Gen Z understands that work does not stop when you leave the office, especially in a connected world. This group wants workplace flexibility that allows them to take time off when needed. They love remote work opportunities and enjoy a culture of unplugging if they need to. These workers will expect you to deliver when it comes to integrating work and life.


This group is similar to other generations when it comes to benefits. They expect good medical insurance, a vacation, and generous retirement savings. But that is not all. Gen Z wants consideration for their personal and financial futures, student loan assistance, tuition reimbursement, and maternity and paternity benefits. A substantial benefits package makes a big difference with Gen Z.


This group of candidates is ready and willing to learn and wants professional development opportunities. They are always looking for ways to grow and are much more apt to job-hop if the right option for advancement arises.

Could you try to provide opportunities for growth within your organization? Regardless if the movement is upward or lateral, a continuous learning and growth culture can make a difference with attrition and retention. A strong career path within an organization can prevent losing talent to other employers and provide training and professional development programs and career planning.

Expand Your Candidate Pool with Gen Z Applicants

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