Training Employees? Get More Bang for Your Buck with These Ideas

If you have responsibility for employee training, you know that the benefits extend well beyond improving employees’ job skills. Training your employees also: makes workers more versatile, especially if you offer cross-training; makes employees’ jobs more interesting and diverse; fulfills your staff’s need for continual development, which is essential for retaining high performers; enhances employee […]

Recruiting Pain? Here’s Why It Hurts – and What to Do About It

“UNEMPLOYMENT RATES IMPROVE ACROSS ALL COUNTIES“ This headline, published by the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development (TDLWD), is great news for Middle Tennessee’s economy. But if you’re trying to recruit great people? Not so much. The latest data from the TDLWD paints a stark picture of our state’s employment landscape: just 2 of […]

Interview Red Flags: Spot Them to Make Better Hires

Let’s be honest – in an employer’s market, you can afford to be choosy and take a pass on candidates who are under-qualified, job-hoppers or otherwise not a perfect fit. But again, let’s be honest – it’s definitely NOT an employer’s market. In today’s tight talent market, you simply cannot afford to rule out a […]

Checking In: Middle Tennessee Employment and Economic Indicators

It’s that time again! A few times each year, we like to get a pulse on how the Nashville area is doing from an economic and employment perspective. It’s been several months since we’ve reviewed the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on the Nashville / Davidson / Murfreesboro / […]