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New to the World of Temporary Employment?

When it comes to finding rewarding employment, knowledge is power.

Whether you’re ready to contact a recruiter, want to speed up your job search, or are merely evaluating the flexible work options a staffing firm can provide, you need to begin the process by educating yourself.  Why?  Because if you understand our industry well, you’ll be better prepared to take full advantage of the resources and placement options we offer – and ultimately find that ideal work opportunity.

To get you started on the “path of enlightenment,” here is a list of common staffing terms (compliments of the American Staffing Association), as well as an overview of the occupational categories in the staffing industry:

Placement – A staffing firm brings together job seekers and potential employers for the purpose of establishing a “permanent” employment relationship.

Temporary Help – (also known as “contingent” or “on-time” help) A staffing firm hires its own employees and assigns them to support or supplement a client’s work force in situations involving employee absences, temporary skill shortages, seasonal workloads and special projects.

Temporary-to-Hire – (also known as “temp-to-hire” or “temp-to-direct hire”) A staffing firm employee works for a client during a trial period in which both the employee and the client consider establishing a “permanent” employment relationship.  At the end of the trial period the assignment may end, or the client may extend an offer for employment.

Long-Term Staffing – (also known as “contract” staffing) A staffing firm supplies employees to work on long-term assignments or discrete projects.  Employees are recruited, screened and assigned by the staffing firm.

Recruiter – A recruiter is a person within a staffing firm who is responsible for identifying and screening/evaluating qualified candidates for an open position within a client business.  The recruiter generally works closely with the hiring firm to determine which candidates are best suited for any open positions.

Typical Occupational Categories in the Staffing Industry

Health Care
Physicians, dentists, nurses, hygienists, medical technicians, therapists, home health aides, custodial care workers, etc.

Manual laborers, food handlers, cleaners, assemblers, drivers, tradesmen, machine operators, maintenance workers, etc.

Information Technology
Consultants, analysts, programmers, designers, installers, and other occupations involving computer sciences (hardware or software) or communications technology (Internet, telephone, etc.).

Secretaries, general office clerks, receptionists, administrative assistants, word-processing and data entry operators, cashiers, etc.

Accountants, bookkeepers, attorneys, paralegals, middle and senior managers, advertising and marketing executives, and other nontechnical occupations that require higher skill or education levels.

Engineers, scientists, laboratory technicians, architects, draftsmen, technical writers and illustrators, and other individuals with special skills or training in technical fields involving math or science (not including information technology).

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