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Benefits of Temporary Staffing During a Slow Economic Recovery

As our economy struggles to gain steam once again, businesses are forced to make tough choices regarding their workforces.  Skyrocketing employment costs such as insurance, overtime, payroll taxes, healthcare and other benefits, coupled with the uncertainty of just how long a recovery will take, are placing enormous pressure on employers to run lean.

Here are just a few of the ways temporary staffing can help your business contain expenses, manage uncertainty and maintain productivity during a slow economic recovery:

Contain employment costs.  Healthcare, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, Social Security and overtime costs continue to rise each year.  Temporary staff can help you mitigate these costs:

  • As the temporary employee’s employer of record, the staffing service pays benefits, unemployment, taxes and other personnel expenses.  You pay only for productive hours worked.
  • When you use temporary staff to handle special projects and peak production periods, you don’t have to increase your fixed payroll costs – or direct headcount.
  • You can eliminate overtime, and the employee burnout it causes, by bringing in temporary staff to handle extra hours when business picks up.

Manage uncertainty.  If your business faces an unknown future in this economy, consider using temporary staff to keep your workforce flexible.  You can bring in additional labor and expertise when you need it, while avoiding the expense and problems caused by overstaffing.

Increase focus.  When times are tough, every employee must be put to his or her highest and best use.  Temporary staff can be used to handle low-priority, mundane, or non-core business functions, so that your regular staff can focus on their most important priorities.

Minimize layoffs.  Although some businesses may be hiring again, many others continue to face the threat of layoffs.  Planned staffing services can help you smooth the fluctuations in your workload that typify the onset of a recovery – providing the on-time staff you need to handle sudden surges in demand, while reducing the need for layoffs once things slow down again.

Maintain productivity.  Staffing services carefully pre-screen and test their workers to ensure they have the skills and attributes necessary to perform for your company.  In certain cases, the staffing firm will even train and orient new temporary staff for you, to help you maintain productivity.  And because staffing services handle recruiting, screening, interviewing, testing and reference-checking for you, their services help you be even more productive.

Through good economic times and bad, Wood Personnel provides the services your business needs to thrive.  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services for Middle Tennessee employers.