What Characteristics Should You Look for When Hiring?

Reviewing Applications when Hiring

In search of new employees? Many industries are still doing quite well during the pandemic—so well, in fact, that they’re in need of new workers. Is this you? If so, you probably know that the better your hiring matches, the better your chances of holding onto those valuable employees. After all, hiring can be a… Read more »

Onboarding in the “New Normal”: What essential training should you provide night shift employees?

Onboarding Night Shift Workers in Nashville

The COVID-19 pandemic has put stress on most employers and their staff. The need to get work done while maintaining the health and safety of workers is critical. And for employers with a night shift, it’s especially tricky. When onboarding the night shift, it can help to offer tips for good health and adequate sleep… Read more »

Three Reasons Good Employees Leave

Common Reasons Employees Quit

How’s the turnover in your company? Have you noticed employees are leaving? This can sting—especially when the employees who leave are top performers. You know—the ones who can be hard to find, but are so worth the search. They can also be hard to hang onto. They have a lot to give and if they… Read more »

Do job titles really matter for candidates when hiring in Nashville?

Hiring in Nashville TN

How much does a job title matter? Just words on a page, right? Not necessarily. In fact, if you’re looking to hire a candidate for a job opening at your company, their title matters a lot. Why? Check out these reasons from a source of the highest paying jobs in Nashville TN. Clear Understanding of their… Read more »

Is it possible to reduce the risk of hiring a bad employee?

Hiring in Nashville

If bad hires walked into an interview with a “Hello, I’m Toxic” sign, they’d be easy to spot. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy. And that’s too bad, considering what a toxic employee can do to your workforce. Bad attitudes and poor work ethic can be contagious. Soon, you can find yourself with a bunch… Read more »

Here’s a Quick Way to Write Highly Effective Job Descriptions

Writing Job Descriptions

Does the search for new hires often take you a long time? And do you find yourself with interview after interview of people who just aren’t a good fit? If so, you’re not alone. Fulfilling job openings can be challenging. It all depends on your industry. There could be a shortage of talent. Or qualified… Read more »

How to Spot Exaggerations or Lies on an Applicant’s Resume

Lying on a Resume

You start reading an applicant’s resume. It sounds really, really good! As your eyes skip happily down the page, you can hardly believe you’ve found this gem of a candidate. Every skill and qualification they’ve listed is exactly what you’re looking for. Then you start to think about it a little more. This person could… Read more »

[Navigating Difficult Conversations] Inter-Employee Conflicts

Managing Employee Conflict | Workplace Conflict Resolution

As a manager, effective ways to handle employee conflict are a mandatory part of your day. Hopefully, your workplace is full of individuals who consistently challenge each other to think differently and be their very best. Unfortunately, in this same kind of productive and stimulating work environment, you will also encounter the occasional employee scuffle.… Read more »

[Navigating Difficult Conversations] Dress Code Violations

Dress codes are common in most workplaces. The way your employees present themselves is a direct reflection of your business and can impact your reputation. Depending on the nature of your business, a dress code can be more relaxed, or more strict if you’re meeting regularly with clients. A dress code can also keep your… Read more »

Managing Emotions in the Workplace: How to Effectively Manage a Team with Different Personalities

Diversity is the key to a successful business. It just makes sense—if all your employees think the same way, there may be harmony, but there won’t be much innovation. Disruption and the willingness to challenge the status quo are what allows a company to grow and adapt to the changing world around it. Therefore, it’s… Read more »