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Working as a Temporary Employee? Use These Six Tips for Success

Wood Personnel employees choose temporary work for a variety of reasons.  Some like the extra cash and freedom temporary work provides; others want to gain experience; still others seek a full-time, direct position.

No matter what your reasons are for working as a Wood Personnel temporary, you can use these six tips to succeed while on assignment:

Prepare yourself. Buy a memo pad to serve as your temporary employment reference book.  Once you accept an assignment, be sure to write down the following details and take them with you the first day:  company address and phone; client supervisor’s name; dress code; hours; name and phone number for your staffing coordinator.  Having this important information available will help ensure you are on-time the first day and get off to a great start.

Display a positive attitude. When you work as a temporary, you are put into unfamiliar situations with people you don’t know.  Make a conscious decision to approach your new work situation constructively.  Choosing to display a positive attitude – even if you’re a bit uncomfortable – can help you manage the stress of your first day.  Your optimism will be appreciated by co-workers and assignment supervisor alike and set the stage for a great working relationship.

Listen. Although you may be accustomed to completing work a certain way, most employers have specific systems and procedures already in place.  When your supervisor gives you your work instructions, pay close attention and take notes (in your memo book).  If any instructions are unclear, be sure to ask for clarification.  Your employer will understand that you are new, and he will respect your attention to detail.

Stay out of office politics. Every company you work for on assignment will have a unique corporate culture.  As a rule of thumb while on assignment, strive to remain neutral, avoid office gossip/politics/arguments, and focus on the job you have to do.  If conflict is making your work difficult, contact your staffing coordinator immediately.

Take initiative. If you finish your work ahead of schedule, ask for something else to do.  You will earn a reputation (with both the staffing service and the employer) as a hard worker.  Remember, productive, proactive temporaries land the best assignments – and are the first to be offered direct employment.

Keep in touch with your staffing coordinator. Check in with him periodically to explain how your assignment is progressing.  If your assignment is nearing completion, let him know so that he can get to work lining up your next one.  Finally, tell him what you liked or didn’t like about the assignment once it’s complete.  The better he understands your areas of strength and work preferences, the better prepared he’ll be to match you with the ideal opportunity.

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