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Assessing Your Hiring Needs, Part 2: Should you DIY or use a direct placement service?

Once you’ve determined that it’s time to hire, you face another critical decision:  should you do it yourself, or work with an experienced recruiting service like Wood Personnel?

It would be easy (and logical) to use this question as a launching pad for a sales pitch.  The true answer, however, is more complex.  What’s right for one employer, under a certain set of hiring, employment and market conditions, is not necessarily right for another.

So how do you decide if you should hire on your own, or partner with a recruiter?  Here are a few critical questions to consider:

Evaluate Your Current Hiring Practices

  • How do you typically hire personnel?  Have you always done it yourself, or do you have a good working relationship with a recruitment firm?
  • How much do you really spend on hiring on your own? Be sure to consider HR time, legal costs, management interview time, opportunity costs, vacancy costs and the cost of a bad hire – in addition to the cost of advertising.
  • Do your DIY recruiting methods yield enough qualified candidates?

Conduct a Needs Analysis

  • Do you have the time and resources available to properly recruit, screen, interview, assess, reference check and follow-up with candidates on your own?
  • How much would it cost you to replace a bad hire in this position (i.e., do you need a guarantee)?
  • Does your hiring situation require confidentiality or anonymity?
  • How quickly do you need the available position filled?

Consider Current Market and Employment Conditions

  • What is the current unemployment rate – not just in general, but specifically for the level/type of candidate you need?
  • How desirable is your location?  Have you had difficulty attracting candidates to work there in the past?
  • What are the emerging industry trends which could impact your ability to hire the talent you need?

Consider the Advantages Recruiters Offer

With budget constraints remaining a key concern, you may lean toward a DIY approach for recruiting.  But before you start posting to job boards, remember these key advantages Wood Personnel can provide:

  1. Improved focus. We free you to focus on your key priorities.
  2. Specialization. We know how and where to find the high-caliber talent you require.
  3. Temporary and contract staffing options. If your needs are short-term or project-oriented, we can provide access to the skilled individuals you need without adding to your headcount.
  4. Access. We maintain robust candidate databases and relationships with passive job seekers.
  5. Simplification. We save you considerable time and stress, while ensuring that correct selection and screening procedures are utilized.
  6. Guarantees. We reduce the stress, expense and risk involved with hiring and/or replacing a new employee.

When working with a recruiting service makes the most sense for your organization, Wood Personnel can deliver the talented candidates you need.  As a locally owned, full-service staffing company, our diligent screening processes and four Middle Tennessee locations make us the ideal choice for your placement needs.

Contact Wood Personnel today.  We can help you analyze your recruiting needs and determine if our services could help you hire more quickly, accurately and at a greater cost savings.