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Ahead of the Curve: Recent Trends in Recruiting and Staffing for Middle Tennessee Employers

Want to stay ahead of the curve in staffing and recruiting?  Read on!

According to the HR experts listed below, here are a few of the top recruiting and staffing trends that will impact Middle Tennessee employers this year – and ways your staffing service can help you take advantage of them:

Unemployment will remain high.  Dr. Ira Wolfe, author of The Perfect Labor Storm 2.0, predicts that we will continue to experience relatively high unemployment for as much as 10 years.  While this may lead you to assume that you won’t need a staffing service to recruit top talent, that’s not necessarily the case.  Wolf says that despite high unemployment rates, employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find people with the mix of hard and soft skills they need.

  • Staffing tip:  Beyond matching traditional skills, work with your provider to identify the soft skills (the ability to fit in, work collaboratively, etc.) needed for success in your available position.  Your staffing firm can leverage its network of specialized experts to pinpoint candidates with the skills, traits and experience to thrive in your environment – all while saving you time and money.

Rapid increase in mobile technology as a platform for recruiting.  Dr. John Sullivan, a highly respected thought leader in HR, says that if 2011 was the year of social media, 2012 will be “The Year of the Mobile Platform.”  By the end of this year, Sullivan predicts that mobile technology will have become the dominant communications and interaction platform in use by leading-edge companies.  As such, talent management leaders should invest in recruiting initiatives that leverage smartphone and tablet technology.

  • Staffing tip:  Work with a staffing partner who already incorporates social media as part of its recruiting strategy (like Wood Personnel).  Staffing companies that keep pace with changes in technology will have a distinct recruiting advantage as mobile platforms take an even stronger hold.

Workers will continue to move away from long-term employment with one company.  Experts predict that contract, part-time and other non-traditional employment arrangements will increase, due to the recession and increased life span.  Gen X workers do not subscribe to the notion that you have to sit at a desk to work, so they’re much more receptive to contract and remote work.

  • Staffing tip:  Work with your staffing partner to shift your thinking about how work gets done in your company.  With non-traditional employment arrangements becoming the norm, top talent is now more receptive than ever to shorter-term, project-based work.   Your staffing partner can show you the most cost-effective ways to use temporary and contract staffing to accomplish your goals.

Retention issues will increase dramatically.  Because most corporate retention programs have been so severely degraded, Sullivan predicts that turnover rates in high-demand occupations will increase by 25% this year.  In fact, retention could turn out to be the highest economic impact area in all of talent management.

  • Staffing tip:  Work with a staffing provider that treats its employees well.  The better a staffing firm treats its employees, the better those employees will perform for you – and the more likely they’ll be to stay on through the assignment’s duration.  To reward and retain our employees, Wood Personnel provides its temporary and contract employees with benefits, value-added services and free online training resources.

Contact Wood Personnel to discuss how these staffing trends will impact your business.  As a leading staffing firm serving Middle Tennessee, we can help you develop a strategic, proactive workforce strategy that helps you capitalize on the changes in our industry.