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Thriving in the V.U.C.A. Enviroment

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the concept of V.U.C.A. – a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous operating environment which has become the “new normal” in business today.

As mentioned in the post, your company needs to develop “agile models” – ones that prepare you for major disruptive events – to truly thrive in volatile conditions.  These business models must include processes and systems that can actually shift and handle any unpredicted upcoming event at a moment’s notice.

Staffing and recruiting services, like those offered by Wood Personnel Services, are ideally suited to helping you meet the challenges of today’s unpredictable business environment.  We help Middle Tennessee employers like you successfully manage volatility with:

  • Rapid access to top talent.  We can work with you to develop detailed position specifications, before hiring needs arise.  When the time comes, our knowledge of your requirements and deep talent pool will provide quicker access to top candidates who are ready to perform for your business.
  • Contingent staff.  By using temporary and contract employees as a significant part of your workforce, you increase your capability to meet sudden upturns, downturns and new skill needs.  The flexibility contingent labor provides helps you operate cost-efficiently, while still maintaining the ability to capitalize on new business opportunities.
  • Project-oriented, senior level trainers.  We can provide quick access to specialized experts who can train your staff to effectively manage change.  You can use these professionals to carry out scenario training and simulations to make your core staff more comfortable and confident when they encounter complex situations that are full of uncertainty and ambiguity.  Using contract professionals in a case like this provides two benefits.  First, your core managers won’t be distracted from their primary responsibilities to design and conduct training.  Additionally, once the training is complete, so are your extra personnel expenses.

The one constant in today’s business world?  Rapid change.  Thankfully, Wood Personnel is prepared to help you manage the “new normal” of today’s V.U.C.A. environment.