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Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Middle Tennessee: Office Party Ideas

Out with the old – and in with the new (Year, that is)!

New Year’s Eve is just a week away.  If your Nashville business is planning to celebrate, here are some fun, simple and office-friendly games to break the ice at your shindig:

Dress to Suit the Hat

Gather a wide variety of hats.  Pass out one hat to each employee.  Then, each employee takes his turn introducing himself and acting as he imagines an owner of such a hat would behave.  He can even give himself an accent and a new name.  Afterwards, ask employees to vote for their favorites, based on authenticity, enthusiasm and outrageous-ness.

Guess the Resolution

This office party game is perfect for smaller groups.  Have each guest write down his top resolution on a slip of paper and then place it in a box.  One by one, draw resolutions from the box and ask participants to write down whose resolution they think it is.  Award prizes to those who correctly guess the most.

Paper Costume Design Contest

Divide your guests into small teams of about six. Give each group a bundle of newspaper, some sticky tape, pins, string and scissors.  Using one person as a model, each group has 10 minutes to create a costume on that person using just the materials supplied.  Encourage each team to create headdresses, accessories or props to make their creations recognizable.  You’ll have a blast trying to guess what their designs are!


Divide your party guests into groups.  Give each group a three- or four-letter acronym that you’ve made up.  Then give each group about 10 minutes to decide what the acronym stands for and what the company does.  After the 10 minutes are up, a representative from each team makes a short presentation, telling everyone all about their imaginary company.  Vote for the funniest, most creative and most viable businesses.


Make a New Year’s Eve version of charades by acting out major events, popular song, book or movie titles, or people who made the news during the year. Divide your group into two teams and determine how long each round will be.  Have each team brainstorm and write the names of the things to be acted out.  Have them write their ideas on small pieces of paper and put them in a New Year’s Eve Hat.  The first person chooses a paper from the opposite team’s bowl and acts out the name or phrase.  Remember – no talking allowed!  Only the team of the person acting out tries to guess.  If the timer goes off before the correct answer is guessed, no point is earned.  It is now the other team’s turn.  Alternate turns between teams and the one that guesses the most correctly wins.

From all of us at Wood Personnel, have a safe and happy New Year!