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Need Temporary Employees for Your Middle Tennessee Business? Leave the interviewing to us!

Successfully managing your Middle Tennessee business takes the right combination of control and delegation.  You need to do some things yourself, but you can (and should) delegate other responsibilities to your employees or business partners.

Interviewing temporary employees is one of those things which should definitely be delegated to us.  Here’s why.

It’s certainly understandable to want to review candidates’ résumés; likewise, it’s only natural to feel hesitant about giving up any control over your screening process.  But the fact is, if you work with a reputable staffing service like Wood Personnel, you shouldn’t HAVE to interview contingent employees.  It’s our job to do that for you!

As a true staffing partner, our role is to relieving the time-consuming burdens associated with finding the exceptional talent you need – and that includes both screening and interviewing temporary employees.  Each of our candidates undergoes a rigorous selection process that includes:

  • In-person interviews with experienced recruiting professionals to reveal an employee’s career goals, work history, talents and strengths.  Our staffing experts know how to make recruiting decisions based on subtle indicators, targeted questions and behavioral cues.
  • State-of-the-art interactive skill and behavior assessments. Our testing process accurately measures applicants’ existing skill sets and other indicators of success, to ensure precise skill matches.
  • Comprehensive screening, testing and reference-checking. We conduct these vital, but often overlooked, components of the staffing process with every one of our temporary employees.

We do all of this to make staffing simpler and quicker for you – and to give you the peace of mind knowing that our temporaries will arrive qualified and motivated to do a great job for you.

So our advice?  Save yourself the “double work” of interviewing individuals whom we’ve already interviewed for you.  As a leading staffing and recruiting firm in Middle Tennessee, you can trust Wood Personnel to handle the process correctly and thoroughly – so you are free to focus on other important priorities.