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Best Recruiting Strategies for Your Nashville Company

Today’s job seekers are finding their employment leads from a variety of sources, many of which are online.  In fact, a recent career network survey of over 5,200 job seekers (including millennials, gen Xers and baby boomers) showed the following:

  • All generations of job seekers surveyed were spending almost all of their time searching online.
  • Where they search varies.  Boomers turn to LinkedIn first; millennials and generation X rely more heavily on Google and Google Plus.
  • Job boards are the top resources for job seekers of all generations and are most popular with baby boomers.
  • Company websites are the second most popular resource, followed by classified ads.

So if you want to find top talent in Middle Tennessee, you need to go where they’re promoting themselves and finding their job leads.

Sounds simple, right?  Well, yes and no.  The concept is straightforward, but it requires a multi-pronged approach to implement.  To get you started, here are a few tips from Wood Personnel for attracting the best candidates in Nashville and beyond:

  1. Make your website an applicant magnet.  This is a great place to differentiate yourself, showcase your corporate culture and encourage prospective candidates to contact you.  Consider adding a brief, general recruiting video that explains why your company is a great place to work.
  2. Add a career resource section to your website.  Develop a robust knowledge center with relevant career and job search resources.  When job seekers are looking for advice, they’ll find it on your site.
  3. Ask for referrals – directly.  Don’t be subtle.  Politely (but directly) ask for referrals on your web site and include an online form for submitting referral details.
  4. List the same position multiple ways.  Post alternate versions with job titles featuring other essential information that might attract talent, like location, starting salary, bonuses or other unique selling points.  Alter the job description slightly as well, to appeal to candidates of varying acceptable experience levels.
  5. Align search methods with your available position.  If you’re recruiting for a mid- or senior-level professional position, consider using your LinkedIn network.  For entry-level jobs, or positions right for recent college graduates, try networking through Google or Google Plus.
  6. Optimize job postings.  Throughout your online postings, include keywords for which your target job seekers are likely to search.
  7. Consider smaller or niche job boards.  These sites may be less heavily trafficked, but they also may yield more closely matched candidates – plus, you’ll be competing against fewer companies for the same candidates.
  8. Work with a top recruiter in Nashville, TN, like Wood Personnel.  We can make the recruiting process shorter, simpler and more cost-effective for you.  We only present candidates with the skills, experience and traits you require, freeing you to focus on other important priorities.  Best of all, you don’t pay a fee unless you hire a candidate we refer.  Want to know more?  Contact a Wood Personnel recruiter today.