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Overtime is One Way to Get Work Done, but Is It the Best Strategy for Your Middle Tennessee Business?

Has business picked up for your Cool Springs company?  That’s great!  Now you need to figure out: “How are we going to get all this extra work done?”

Traditionally, many Middle Tennessee employers rely on overtime to handle increased demand.  After all, it’s certainly one of the quickest and easiest ways to add capacity.

But is it really the smartest choice for your business?

It depends.  When a surge in business is small and short-lived, overtime can be just what the doctor ordered.  Your core staff puts in a few extra hours, and voila – you’re over the hump.  But when an uptick in business is more than a “blip” on your company’s radar, overtime becomes a less attractive option for a number of reasons:

  • it becomes very expensive, very quickly;
  • it heightens stress levels and can cause employee burnout;
  • it lowers productivity, increases mistakes on the job and can eventually lead to higher turnover.

If you’re looking for the most intelligent way to handle an increase in business, Wood Personnel is here to help.  Use these guidelines to determine when partnering with us may be the right choice for your organization:

When deadlines are tight.  Your staffing partner can provide the expertise and extra capacity you need to complete projects on-time and within budget.

When a surge in business is temporary.  Unless you’re certain the uptick in business is permanent, it’s risky to hire direct staff.  Bring in temporary employees to get your work done or to provide support to the people working on those projects.  If the need to hire becomes apparent, it’s easy to convert one or more temporaries to direct employees.

When the increase in business distracts your core staff.  Productivity and focus suffer when your employees have more work than they can handle.  Use temporary employees to tackle administrative, repetitive or other low priority activities during busy periods.  Your direct employees will spend less time “fighting fires,” and more time focusing on their key priorities.

When you need coverage for planned absences.  Whether your direct staff needs time away from work for maternity leave, military leave, vacation or other reasons, smart staffing can deliver the cost-effective coverage you need.  Temporary workers can fill in for employees who are out of the office, keeping your business running smoothly – without the need for overtime.

When you’re tackling a new initiative.  When your company needs extra support to complete discrete projects or to test new product/service offerings, a staffing service can help you get your work done without over-extending yourself.

As a leading Cool Springs employment and staffing agency, Wood Personnel delivers the solutions you need to staff your business more intelligently.  We have the resources and expertise to deliver highly qualified temporary employees to manage peak workflow periods and control your personnel expenses.  Contact Wood Personnel today to learn more.