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Just Getting Started in Your Middle Tennessee Career? These networking ideas are just for you

The comforting reality about your Middle Tennessee job search?  The person who will connect you to your next job may be just an email, phone call or visit away.

Professional networking makes it possible.  From social media to job fairs to word-of-mouth, making and leveraging business contacts opens doors to referrals, and ultimately, job opportunities.

Whether you’re still a student, relatively new to the workforce, or a seasoned professional, networking is an essential component in your job search’s success.  Use these tips from Wood Personnel to broaden your professional connections and find a great job in Murfreesboro:

Get out there. Get involved in at least one high-profile professional or community organization.  Look for groups with which you share a common background, trait or career goal.  Commit to attending regular meetings and participating fully.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. While you may be tempted to attend every job fair, send out bulk emails or plaster your résumé all over the internet, resist the urge.  You will be much more effective if you establish connections with carefully targeted individuals.  Select the best organizations, social media sites and events for your particular career goals.  Then, identify the people who are most likely to benefit your job search and focus your attention on those individuals.

Maximize the potential of your alumni network. Alumni love to find ways to give back to the college that helped them succeed, and therefore have a vested interest in helping you succeed.  Leverage your alumni network by:

  • Attending recruiting and networking events.  If you’re still a student, attend your college’s career week and on-campus recruiting events.
  • Leverage the career center.  Meet with a counselor to discuss your career goals and be put in touch with alumni who can provide both advice and job search assistance.
  • Use LinkedIn’s Classmates feature.  This tool allows you to see where your contemporaries are working, track alumni career trends and join alumni groups, so you can connect with classmates who share your career interests.

Leverage social networking sites. Beyond posting pictures, profiles and links on your social media profiles, these sites can be used to:

  • Establish and keep in touch with valuable business contacts.  A contact may not have a position available immediately.  But if you keep the dialog going, you’ll be top-of-mind when something opens up.
  • Garner recommendations.  As your online professional network grows, you may find opportunities to obtain referrals or recommendations from business associates.
  • Strengthen ties to colleagues by posting referrals for them.  Nothing will endear you to someone more than helping him in his career.

Remember that appearance counts.  Everyone knows to dress for success for an actual interview, but the same rule holds true for any in-person networking opportunity.  First impressions are critical at business mixers, job fairs and college recruiting events – so make sure your appearance always sends the right message.

Register with Wood Personnel. Temporary work provides unique opportunities to work and network at the same time.  While you’re on assignment, you can get your foot in the door, demonstrate your job skills and work ethic, and establish valuable professional contacts in a wide variety of companies.  Ultimately, a temporary assignment with Wood Personnel may lead to the career opportunity you’ve always wanted.  To learn more about temporary jobs in Murfreesboro, TN, contact us today.