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Breathe – It’ll Be Okay! Stress managment tips for the holidays

Are you one of the tens of people who love a harried race through a crowded mall with a mile-long gift list?

Didn’t think so.

Believe it or not, the holiday season is just a few short weeks away. But if you start preparing now, using these simple strategies, you’ll skip the stress and be able to enjoy the holidays even more:

  • Check your rear view mirror. Look back at last year and ask yourself, “What went right and what went wrong?” Did you try to take on too much (maybe cooking that sit-down dinner for 20 was a bit ambitious)? Did you wait too long to start your shopping? Learn from your mistakes to avoid making them again.
  • Communicate and plan your calendar early. Prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings by reaching out to friends and family to work through issues around gift giving, party venues, dates and holiday traditions. Decide what you want to get out of the holidays, and then set reasonable expectations for who you will see and what you will do.
  • Find the humor in situations. When it comes to busting holiday stress, nothing beats a good laugh. So if you find yourself taking things too seriously, take a step back. Try to put things into perspective and find the humor in your situation. And if that doesn’t work, pop in one of those classic holiday movies that you love.
  • Stock up on supplies and staples now. Stores stock up early and often run out of popular supplies closer to the holidays – so buy your basics early. Grab things like tape, decorative napkins, storage bins, greeting cards and tissue paper now. You’ll have less to shop for later, and you won’t run out of those essential items when you need them most.
  • Have a cuppa. If you think chamomile is only for little old English ladies, think again. Herbal teas are well known for their relaxing properties, no matter who you are – and unlike coffee or other caffeinated drinks, they won’t leave you feeling edgy.
  • Keep things in perspective. When it comes to the holidays, it’s okay not to be perfect. Remember, your family and friends most want to spend time with you – what you serve them or buy for them is secondary. So breathe. And if that dessert doesn’t turn out quite the way you planned, realize that it’s really okay!

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