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6 Ways to Boost Morale and Ignite Employees’ Passion for Work

It’s time to start a fire.

No, we’re not suggesting you light a match – we’re talking about igniting your employees’ passion for their jobs!

Offering fair wages and benefits is a great way to start; but quite honestly, money isn’t everything. In fact, things like recognizing employees’ contributions and providing opportunities for development can greatly boost engagement and morale.

So if you’ve noticed your employees dragging themselves into work lately, or if your team just isn’t laughing at work like they used to, it may be time to make employee morale a priority. With a little time, effort and these tips from Wood Personnel, you can rekindle your employees’ love for work:

  • Mix things up. Monotony breeds boredom, and boredom breeds disengagement. Turn things around by departing from your company’s typical routine. Simple things like changing the time, place or structure of a meeting can renew enthusiasm. Cross-training and job-rotating offers employees a chance to try something new, while also strengthening your workforce as a whole.
  • Introduce lunch-and-learns. Your employees have all sorts of outside interests – why not leverage their expertise, and show them that you care about their life beyond work? Invite your internal “enthusiasts” to come in and share their passion with fellow employees. All you need is a conference room and a way to communicate the details. And if nobody steps up to the plate, ask a local expert to come in and share his knowledge on a topic in which your employees are interested.
  • Celebrate accomplishments creatively. Certificates of Appreciation not having the impact they once did? Try something different. One company we read about asked each of its teams to provide a list of their most significant accomplishments. The lists were reviewed by company officers, who later compiled them into a book of “World Records” (with help from Guinness World Records!). While you certainly don’t have to create a book, finding unique ways to publicly acknowledge the good work employees do is essential to keeping them motivated.
  • Offer new rewards. Ask your employees what kind of rewards they want – and find ways to deliver them. Is time off important? Consider offering a paid half-day off. Have employees been unusually stressed? Reward them with in-office massages. Would a priority parking spot make a difference to them? Sacrifice your own for a month. When rewards are aligned with employees’ priorities, they’re much more valuable.

Another great way to boost morale? Give your team the support and freedom it needs to accomplish its most important goals. As a leading Nashville employment agency, we have the talent and flexible service options to keep your people focused, motivated and working at peak efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.