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Still Out of a Job? Here are 4 things you should do, starting today

Still looking for a job in Middle Tennessee? We understand how tough it can be. A prolonged job search takes its toll on your resume, your wallet and your self-esteem.

But you have to keep your eye on the prize – and that means staying focused, productive and proactive in your search. Here are four things you should do if you’re on the job hunt – starting now:

Focus on quality, not quantity. Stop applying to jobs you’re unqualified for. In addition to wasting your time, you’re also undermining your self-confidence. Instead, spend your time uncovering opportunities you really do have the skills and experience for – your chances of being called in for an interview are infinitely greater!

Address that gap on your resume. Acknowledge the elephant in the room, and develop an effective way to explain it:

  • Briefly review the reason for your period of unemployment in your cover letter. You can get into detail during the interview.
  • Explain what you’ve done during that time to educate yourself, improve your job skills or stay current on industry trends.
  • Be honest and direct. By addressing the gap head-on, you can control a recruiter’s first impression of you.

Stay productive.

  • Volunteer. Find a church, community-based or non-profit organization that could use your help. Keep track of your accomplishments for your resume. In addition to boosting said resume, volunteering also boosts your professional network – by connecting you to new people outside your current circle.
  • Learn. Spend a little time each day building skills needed in your field or industry. You can find free training resources including tutorials, eBooks and videos online, or you can sign up for formal classes. Either way, you’ll make yourself more employable and increase your confidence in your abilities.
  • Network. Reconnect with old contacts. Form new connections. Use social media. Attend professional networking events in your area. And if you’re just getting started in your career, use these networking tips. Do whatever you can to broaden your sphere of influence and learn about potential job opportunities that never get posted.

Register with a staffing agency. A reputable Cool Springs employment agency like Wood Personnel can help you:

  • Change your employment status – by connecting you with Middle Tennessee temporary jobs.
  • Earn good pay – at a time when you really need it.
  • Keep you motivated and productive.
  • Enhance your résumé and skill set with each new assignment.
  • Find a full-time job. If you prove yourself on the job, your temporary position may convert to a direct opportunity.

Register with Wood Personnel today or search Cool Springs jobs here.