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Reasons Why Recognizing Employees Really DOES Matter

Does your company name an employee of the month? Do you formally recognize individuals and teams who go above and beyond the call of duty? Do you provide a pat on the shoulder and a sincere “Thank you” for a job well done?

Or do you think that employee recognition is a waste of time?

Some managers believe that recognition and rewards are just feel-good protocols that don’t produce bottom-line results. But countless research studies support the notion that acknowledging and rewarding employee performance is good business – enhancing everything from employee satisfaction to company finances:

So, again…what is your company doing to recognize employees’ achievements? Should you be doing more? If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few earlier posts on related topics:

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Use Murfreesboro Employment Agencies to Recognize, Reward and Motivate Employees:

  • Treat an employee to a day off.  When an employee does a great job for you, show him how much you appreciate his efforts. Allow Wood Personnel to provide a temporary replacement for the day.
  • Reduce employee burnout.  Bring in our temporaries to help ease the burden of overtime, and keep your team performing at their peak. Remember, you can avoid paying overtime by using our employees to handle the extra hours.