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Short-Circuiting? Stress management tips for the busy professional

Long hours. Difficult clients. Tight deadlines. Budgetary and resource constraints.

Working under stress is part of your job, and your ability to manage it greatly impacts your success. So if you ever feel as though you may short-circuit under the pressure, try one of these quick stress management techniques to recharge and refocus:

  1. Get moving. If your work is largely sedentary, it can cause muscles to ache and blood to pool. Combat fatigue and strain by stepping away from your work station for a few minutes every so often, to stretch or take a quick walk around the office. Just five minutes of light exercise can lift your mood, increase your energy, sharpen your focus and relax both your mind and body.
  2. Make smart food choices. If you’re the type who skips lunch, or tries to cram 10 hours’ worth of nutrition into one meal, try creating a new habit. Eat small quantities of food frequently throughout the day. Fresh fruit, whole grain snacks, protein drinks and nutritional bars offer balanced options to supplement smaller meals. They can help maintain an even blood sugar level in your body, keeping your mood and energy level stable throughout the day.
  3. Find humor in the situation. When it comes to busting stress, nothing beats a good laugh. The next time you or a coworker starts taking things too seriously, find a way to break through with laughter by sharing a funny joke or story (as long as you’re not laughing at some else’s expense). It may not change your situation, but a good laugh can definitely change your attitude.
  4. Infuse a little nature. Office lights, phones, computers – the stuff of the modern workplace is about as far removed from nature as you can get. Break the tedium and stress by stepping outside for a little fresh air. Work in the city? Bring a bit of the outdoors into your office space. A house plant, a special shell or geode, or even a poster of your favorite natural scene can balance your space and provide a focal point for relaxation.
  5. Have a cuppa. If you think chamomile is only for little old English ladies, think again. Herbal teas are well-known for their relaxing properties, no matter who you are – and unlike coffee or other caffeinated drinks, they won’t leave you feeling edgy.
  6. Wield your task management skills. Too much on your plate for the day? Start by prioritizing your to-do list, tackling the high-priority and/or unpleasant tasks first – when your energy level and focus are the best. Next, break large projects into smaller steps and focus on one manageable task at a time. Finally, delegate what you can. By letting go of the desire to control everything in your bailiwick, you’ll also be letting go of stress.
  7. Guard against chronic perfectionism. When you’re feeling the pressure of perfectionism, remind yourself that no project, situation or decision is ever perfect. We are all human – and bound to make the occasional mistake.

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