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Registering with a Middle TN Staffing Agency? Get off to a great start with these simple tips

Wood Personnel candidates choose to work with a staffing agency for a variety of reasons:

  • Some like the extra cash and freedom temporary work provides;
  • Others want to gain experience and build their job skills;
  • Many want to try out different types of jobs in a variety of industries;
  • Still others seek a full-time, direct position.

Whether you’re ready to start your first assignment, or have registered with us to land a direct job, a successful working relationship starts good information – and that’s what we’re providing today!

Here are a few simple ground rules to get you started on the right foot:

Conduct yourself professionally in client interviews. If you’re looking for a direct job, we will send you on client interviews, (just as you’d do if you were searching for work on your own). As you would in any interview situation, be forthright, focusing on the ways your skills, experience and personality traits make you the best candidate for the job. Don’t discuss: pay, benefits or time off (you can discuss these items directly with us); health issues; disparaging remarks about former employers.

Stay in touch. Communication is the key to a successful staffing relationship:

  • Give your recruiter a call to debrief after you complete a client interview.
  • After you complete an assignment, provide candid feedback for us. Let us know what you liked (as well as what you didn’t), so we can do an even better job matching you with your next opportunity.
  • Keep us in the loop on your independent job search. If you are getting close to an offer elsewhere, let us know.

We’ll stay in communication, too! If you’re actively interviewing, we’ll update you on a client’s hiring process. We’ll also share feedback from assignment supervisors, as well as upcoming opportunities which may be a good fit for you.

Send us your resume updates. Keep us abreast of new skills, experience, promotions or other changes in your employment circumstances. To connect you with the right opportunities, we need up-to-date information that accurately represents you.

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