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The Big Picture in Hiring and Workforce Management

Struggling with increasing turnover?

Finding it difficult to recruit for skilled positions?

Concerned with rising healthcare costs?

Believe us, you’re not alone. Across the nation, organizations are struggling with a host of hiring and employment-related challenges, according to a recent survey of about 500 HR and hiring managers. The study showed that a wide range of factors are converging to make finding, employing and retaining good people increasingly difficult.

So, what are today’s top hiring challenges – and how can our Middle TN staffing services can help you overcome them? Let’s take a look at the survey results:

Employee healthcare costs a key concern

Not surprisingly, healthcare is the top cost concern for hiring and HR managers (65% of those surveyed listed it as their top concern). With continued uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act, employers are struggling to get a handle on just how much the new regulations are going to cost them.

One way to combat rising healthcare costs is by using temporary employees. Because these workers remain on a staffing service’s payroll, the employment agency is responsible for providing their healthcare benefits.

Recruiting is hot again

The recession is finally behind us. Continued economic growth in the U.S. has driven hiring needs in 2014, evidenced by the fact that 78 percent of survey respondents said that they plan to hire within the next six months. The increase in hiring means that competition for top talent will continue to increase. Workforce planning will become even more vital to ensuring businesses find the best candidates (especially passive ones) before competitors do.

Factors driving the hiring trend

Hiring freezes have clearly thawed and business is picking up once again. In fact, 73% of those surveyed said that they are hiring to increase their staff or handle increased project loads.

But the news isn’t all good. Unfortunately, employee turnover is actually the biggest reason employers are hiring. Whether it’s due to firing, or great employees “abandoning ship,” turnover can have a massive negative impact on an organization’s bottom line.

If your Nashville area business is struggling with a “revolving door,” give Wood Personnel a call. We can help you hire the right candidate the first time, or supply temporary workers to decrease your attrition risks.

Types of positions that are toughest to fill

Today’s hiring managers reported difficulties finding specialized candidates in a wide range of fields. Here’s a breakdown of the positions they cited as “extremely difficult” to fill:

  • 38% sales & marketing
  • 30% creative
  • 28% IT
  • 25% industrial
  • 23% medical
  • 17% legal
  • 10% clerical & administrative

The lesson here? Develop a proactive recruiting strategy. If you are looking to hire people for sales, creative, IT or light industrial positions, begin sourcing candidates well in advance of your needs. Wood Personnel can help you forecast your hiring needs and quickly access top talent in each of these fields – eliminating the stress of having to find elusive candidates yourself.

Staffing services can help you meet today’s hiring and workforce challenges

Here’s what survey respondents said they perceived to be the biggest value staffing agencies deliver:

  • 36% trying out an employee
  • 32% saving time
  • 15% pre-qualified candidates
  • 12% low risk
  • 5% saving money

These results show that working with a staffing firm offers a multitude of benefits. From quickly accessing qualified workers to reducing both costs and risks, we can help you build a stronger business in today’s economic and employment conditions.

As we begin looking ahead to 2015, what can Wood do for you? If you need to hire, or are simply looking for ways to boost productivity, our Middle TN staffing services can help you make next year the best one ever.