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Wood Personnel’s “Best of 2015”: 6 posts you need to read

Hard to believe another year is nearly “in the books!”

Looking back, 2014 has been a year of amazing challenges and opportunities. Along the way, Wood Personnel has regularly updated our blog to help you make the most of our current economic and employment market conditions.

Our goal? To make finding great people, and running a successful organization, easier.

If you’ve missed any of our weekly installations along the way, don’t worry. Today, we’re presenting our “Best of 2015” list: our favorite posts on recruiting, retaining and managing your workforce. And if you’re facing a tough staffing or hiring challenge, please give our Middle TN employment agency a call!

Employee Retention: Small Things Make a Big Difference to Employees

As a manager, you send dozens of powerful “micromessages” every time you speak or gesture. With massive talent shortages on the horizon, even seemingly small slights – a mispronounced name, an eye roll – can drive your best people out the door. Use these tips to make sure your communication (both verbal and non-verbal) is positive and motivating:

Shorten Your Search with Phone Interviews

Competition for the best people has heated up, and the best candidates aren’t in the job market for long. You need to speed up your search – without sacrificing quality – to hire Middle Tennessee’s finest. Phone interviews allow you to quickly identify promising candidates, increase recruiting efficiency and shorten time-to-hire. Here’s how to conduct a phone screen the right way:

Handling Difficult Employee Conversations

As a manager, you’re paid to solve problems. Often, that means initiating tough conversations with employees. Though it can be tempting to delay these talks, in most cases, procrastination only makes problems worse! If you’re dreading an employee conversation, take the proverbial bull by the horns. Use these tips to handle the situation professionally and get the results you want:

Hiring in Middle TN? Don’t Over-Interview!

Interviewing a horde of applicants may instill confidence in your search. But when it comes to making the best hires, it’s seeing the RIGHT candidates that matters. Resist the temptation to play the recruiting “numbers game.” Make your process more disciplined – and make the best hire, without over-interviewing:

What Does “Employment at Will” Really Mean in Tennessee?

Can you really fire a TN employee at any time, for any reason? Not exactly. The “employment at will” doctrine does mean that employment is voluntary for both parties (the employer and the employee). But the law has exceptions. Use these common-sense tips for navigating at-will employment relationships to stay compliant and prevent problems:

5 Questions that Break Through a Candidate’s “Interviewing Persona”

To present themselves in the best possible light, candidates research and rehearse the best answers to common interview questions. So if you’re still asking “old standbys,” you’re probably getting canned responses that reveal little about your their true personalities and experiences. Use these questions to get job seekers thinking on their feet, get the vital information you need, and get the best candidate for the job: