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They’re Checking You Out: You should do the same!

Searching for the best jobs in Murfreesboro? Then it’s time to do a little sleuthing.

When you’re interview with a Middle TN employer, you can bet that they’re checking you out thoroughly: your background, social media profiles, employment history and more.

Well, you should do the same! Investigating a prospective employer is just “smart business” for today’s savvy job seeker. Here’s why:

  • Research will help you understand the company, its key executives, its corporate culture and its stability.
  • Research will help you figure out how you can add value to the prospective employer, so that you can communicate that value during the interview.
  • Research will help you develop targeted questions to ask the employer during the interview and get the additional details you need about the position and company to make an informed choice.
  • Research demonstrates your preparation, clearly indicating that you take the available employment opportunity seriously.

So, just how do you go about getting “the scoop” on an organization before you head into your interview? Use these four tips from Wood Personnel:

Check out the company website. In addition to the basics about their products and/or services, many companies also provide access to annual reports, news articles, press releases and more. If available, read up on the company’s executive management team and browse their job seeker or career page(s). Scan the about us page to learn about their history, mission and vision.

Use the major search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing! can all connect you with recent news articles, reviews, employment-related statistics or customer complaints:

  • Search the company name with the term “Better Business Bureau” to find out their BBB rating.
  • Search business, professional and industry journals to learn about the employer’s current/former clients, expansion areas, new lines of business and more.
  • Search business directories like Standard & Poors or D&B Million Dollar Database to find information about the size of the company and its current financial status.

Review their LinkedIn company profile. Find out more about current projects, clients and accolades. From here, you may be able to view key employee profiles and learn more about their backgrounds and personalities.

See if they’re reviewed on Glassdoor.com. Glassdoor is a site current and former employees can use to anonymously dish about everything from salaries to corporate culture to potential interview questions. Take isolated negative reviews with grain of salt, however, as disgruntled employees can use this site as a place to vent their frustrations.

Looking for the best jobs in Murfreesboro – or anywhere in Middle Tennessee? Start your search with Wood Personnel.