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Temp or Direct, Expect Your Time to Fill to Increase



How much lead time do you need to find the ideal candidate?

Try 5 to 6 weeks.

According to a recent ERE.net post, the “time to fill” average recently hit a 15-year high at 26.8 working days.

Who has time for that?!?

A number of factors are contributing to increased vacancy duration:

  • The labor market is tightening. Unemployment has been on a slow but steady decline and jobs are becoming more plentiful.
  • Employers are raising the bar. Throughout Middle Tennessee and across the nation, employers are increasing the credentials required for jobs.
  • It takes longer to recruit passive candidates. While social networks like LinkedIn can connect you to passive candidates, these individuals typically take more time to evaluate opportunities before deciding to make a switch.
  • In the wake of the Great Recession, HR and recruiting teams are leaner. As a result, talent identification and selection processes take longer.

The result? Delayed projects. Greater stress on your employees. Frustrated clients and customers. Missed business opportunities.

How can you find the people you need faster – without sacrificing quality?

A leading Nashville employment agency like Wood Personnel can help:

  • Access qualified workers, quickly. We maintain a robust database of talented temporary workers who are ready to step in and make an immediate contribution.
  • Ease the burden on your team. When a position remains unfilled for a prolonged period, your remaining employees are typically expected to fill the void by working longer and harder. This may work for the short-term, but over time the stress kills productivity and morale. By bringing in temporary support, you can free your direct employees to focus on their jobs and keep your business running smoothly until a permanent replacement is hired.
  • Shorten your time-to-hire. Using a variety of sourcing strategies, we continually recruit Nashville’s top job seekers – and maintain relationships with passive candidates who may be open to making a move. Simply put, we can dramatically reduce the time it would take for you to find the right person on your own.

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Plan ahead!

Whether your needs are temporary, project-based or direct, it’s never too soon to discuss an upcoming assignment or hiring need with us. Let’s talk.