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Hiring Administrative Personnel? Ask these essential questions



Hiring clerical or administrative personnel?

You’re faced with a tough task. While some employers believe that hiring administrative staff is a cinch, identifying candidates who have the “whole package” – the right experience, job skills and personality traits to really thrive in your company – is a tall order.

In an employment market where exceptional candidates are scarce, how can you weed out “pretenders” and find true “contenders” for your clerical or administrative jobs?

Ask the right questions when interviewing.

Today, our Cool Springs staffing service is sharing our recruiters’ top questions for identifying administrative workers who really have the “whole package” and will succeed in your organization:

Questions to assess Passion for Service.

Clerical and administrative roles are highly service-oriented. Ask questions that show how enthusiastic a candidate is about supporting both internal and external customers:

  • What do you enjoy most about working in a support role?
  • What attracted you to administrative work?
  • Administrative work is often repetitive. How do you stay committed to doing a great job, even on mundane tasks?

Questions to assess Technical Proficiency.

Strong computer and tech skills are critical in today’s administrative roles. Use these questions to assess experience / proficiency in software programs, operating systems, social media and other technology:

  • What three types of technology are indispensable in your job? Why?
  • We use [XYZ software program] at our company. What do you know about this program, and how have you used it?
  • Note: Always back up the interviewee’s claims with valid skills assessments.

Questions to assess Organizational Abilities.

Successful administrative personnel must be able to organize work and prioritize tasks to effectively support others:

  • If you have multiple tasks to complete near the end of the work day, how do you prioritize your activities?
  • What organizational strategies do you use to plan your time each day? Each week?
  • How do you help those you support to stay organized?

Questions to assess Communication Skills.

Ask questions that assess how articulate a candidate is, as well as how effectively he listens:

  • How do you handle tough clients or internal customers? (While the answer itself is important, use this question to determine how logical the candidate’s thinking is and how clearly he explains himself.)
  • Explain a complex project you participated in. What was your role? (Again, look for a detailed explanation and sound logic.)

Outstanding administrative workers are essential to running a successful organization. So take care when interviewing them!

And if you’d like a little help with the process, just call Wood Personnel. We have the resources, experience and proven processes to identify superstars who can keep your company running smoothly, every day.

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