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What’s It REALLY Like to Be a Temporary?



Be honest.

When you hear the phrase “temp employee,” what image crops up in your mind?

A confident, hard-working individual who’s gaining valuable experience, making new connections and earning a competitive wage?

Or a slacker in a menial job, just trying to collect a paycheck until a “real job” comes along?

We wouldn’t blame you if it was the latter.

As recently as a decade ago, the term “temp employee” typically carried a negative stigma. Many temporary assignments were low-level and low-skill, leading direct employees and even assignment supervisors to view temporaries as “second-rate” workers who couldn’t get a “real job.”

But thankfully, things have changed dramatically!

In our volatile post-recession economy, the temporary workforce is growing, elevating and evolving rapidly. Today’s contingent employees definitely aren’t second-rate fill-ins; they’re an indispensable part of our country’s workforce.

Whether you’re currently working as a temporary or contract employee, or you’re just evaluating your work options, you need to know the facts. Here are a few current statistics (courtesy of the American Staffing Association), which illustrate just how far the temporary staffing industry has come:

  • Contingent workers are on the rise. During an average week, more than 3 million temporary and contract employees work for American staffing agencies. That’s up from 2.66 million in 2010!
  • Most work full-time. More than three-quarters (76%) of staffing employees work full-time, which is comparable to the direct workforce (82%).
  • Contingent work is a viable path to direct employment. Roughly half (49%) say it’s a way to get a permanent job, and 9 out of 10 staffing employees said that assignments made them more employable.
  • Among workers who say that finding a permanent job is a top priority, 99% achieve their objective.
  • Opportunities for temporary workers have expanded tremendously. In addition to traditional office and light industrial assignments, contingent opportunities are now available in virtually every organizational level, industry and functional area.

What’s it REALLY Like to Be a Temporary?

Read about ASA’s National Staffing Employee of the Year, Thomas Sutton. A mechanical designer with aerospace experience, Sutton states, “My experiences as a (contingent) employee have been exceedingly satisfying and led me to where I am today – in a great, flexible assignment with a great company. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to seek work in the staffing industry.”

Millions of Americans – and thousands of Wood Personnel employees – have chosen temporary and contract work for the flexibility, experience and employment connections it provides. What can Wood Personnel do for you? Search Cool Springs temp jobs here or contact a recruiter today!