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High Voltage Hiring: 5 Tips to Help Optimize Your Job Postings



Hiring in Middle Tennessee?

Then you need to think like a job seeker – and optimize your job postings so the right people find them when they search online. The good news? There are lots of simple tricks and tools you can use to encourage qualified candidates apply to your job. Here are five of the best from our Murfreesboro employment agency:

  1. Skip the cryptic titles. Creativity is one way to garner attention, but if a candidate can’t make sense of a job title, he’s not likely to apply to the position. Be as clear and descriptive as possible with your title – so it ranks high in the search strings candidates are likely to use.
  2. Optimize for local search. When using browsers like Google, today’s job seekers use local geographic modifiers (e.g., “administrative jobs in Murfreesboro”) in keyword search strings. Optimize your posting accordingly on factors such as the title tag, header tag and even your opening paragraph.
  3. Customize URLs. Change the default URL for a job posting to include three to five keywords (and geographic modifiers, when appropriate). Skip common words like “and” and “in” (e.g., www.yourcompany.com/careers/quality-assurance-technician-murfreesboro-tn).
  4. Consider the specialty. Go where job seekers are likely to look. Try to post your job on boards that are specific to the industry or position for which you’re recruiting. For example, if you’re recruiting for an IT programming position, post on one of the boards geared toward programmers or another niche IT board.
  5. Provide the right amount of detail. Research shows that job descriptions have to be “just right” to optimize application rates. Make sure yours is just the right length:
    1. Too Short: Job descriptions under 2,000 characters returned a click-to-apply of just 6.7 percent.
    2. Too Long: Job descriptions over 10,000 characters achieved a similar click-to-apply of 6.7 percent.
    3. Just Right: Click-to-applies spiked to just under 15 percent for job descriptions around 4,500 characters.

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