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Not a Mind Reader? 6 Things Your Supervisor Wishes You Knew

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Work would be so much easier if you had psychic abilities.

You’d be able to:

  • know what your boss was thinking
  • anticipate his frustrations
  • understand how to exceed his expectations

…all without him ever having to utter a single word!

Sadly, however, the vast majority of us has no psychic ability whatsoever. But even if you’re not a mind reader, you can still excel at your job by learning the following things your supervisor isn’t saying (but wishes you knew):

  1. I don’t remember everything you are working on. Most managers have large teams to supervise, and they can’t remember every single detail of your personal to-do list. You know your responsibilities better than your boss does, and that’s how it should be. If he needs occasional updates or reminding, it doesn’t mean that he’s overlooking you – it means that he trusts you to do your job.
  2. Tell me when problems arise. Hit a minor roadblock on the job? If you can efficiently resolve it yourself, do so. But as soon as you see a project “going off the rails,” say something to your supervisor. While he may initially “shoot the messenger,” in the long-run he’ll appreciate the immediate notification – because the sooner he knows about a problem, the sooner he can address it (and prevent it from escalating further).
  3. I need feedback, too. Just like their employees, managers need honest appraisals of their performance, too. Providing constructive, well-framed feedback – at the appropriate time, and within the appropriate context – can help reinforce strong management techniques and improve areas of weakness.
  4. I can’t tell you everything. Managers are privy to all kinds of confidential information (about clients, projects, co-workers and the company as a whole). Don’t pester your supervisor to tell you things that fall under this umbrella. If your boss holds onto sensitive information, he has good reason to do so; pressing him for details will only create unwanted tension between you.
  5. I want us all to act like adults. Most managers hate workplace drama. It’s stressful, and it distracts employees from performing at their peak! So when you can, address small problems with coworkers directly (rather than immediately asking your boss to intervene). And when you can’t, consider taking them to HR first.
  6. Performance feedback is not personal. Receive negative feedback from your boss? It doesn’t mean he dislikes you; it simply means you have areas you need to improve upon. Instead of being offended, ask your boss to help coach you to success.

Not a mind reader?

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