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Don’t Just Think About Asking for a Raise in 2016. Get It!

Asking for a pay raise? That’s never easy. For most people, the process is awkward and anxiety-provoking.

But if you truly deserve a raise in 2016, you need to move past your discomfort – and get paid what you’re worth.

Use these tips from our Murfreesboro staffing service to get your ducks in a row, handle the conversation professionally, and brighten your financial standing in the year ahead:

Do your homework.

The best way to ensure your boss will say, “Yes”? Do your homework and provide the evidence he needs:

  • Know your value. Find out what others in your position make, factoring in geography and your experience level. Tools like Getraised.com, Salary.com and Payscale.com can help.
  • Prepare a list of your measurable results and success stories, as well as the new skills or job responsibilities you’ve added since starting in your position.
  • Head into your conversation knowing the exact number you’d like to ask for. Quantify what you believe you deserve (as a percentage of your pay rate or salary), based on your competitive research and company policy.
  • Create a back-up list of non-monetary perks you’d accept in lieu of a raise.

Get the timing right.

  • If you’ve just had a big success, strike while the iron is hot.
  • Don’t ask for a raise if your company is struggling financially or has made cutbacks.
  • If you’re new, the time is NOT right. Wait at least a year before asking for your first raise.

Practice your presentation.

If discussing pay issues makes you nervous, boost your confidence by practicing your pitch with a trusted friend. Try to anticipate objections you may face and encourage your friend to play the devil’s advocate.

Plan time for the conversation.

Schedule an appointment with your boss to discuss your salary. Request a meeting at a time that works best for you both, to give your boss adequate time to prepare.

Stay positive.

  • Begin the conversation by telling your boss how much you enjoy your work and the company.
  • Next, explain the reasons you’ve earned a raise – not why you need one. Use your list of results, successes and growth to make your case.
  • Don’t act entitled, threaten to quit, or let your emotions get out of control. Remember, positive and professional communication is the best way to get what you want.
  • If your boss is unable or unwilling to give you a raise, find out why (i.e., if it’s performance-related or just bad timing). Put together a performance plan with another review date, to end the conversation on a positive note.

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