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Want to Recruit Better Talent? Think like a marketer.

What do potential job applicants think when they encounter your job postings online:

A: “WOW! This company is amazing. I really want this job – it sounds perfect!”

B: “Huh. Looks like this company is hiring.”

C: (yawn) “Anybody want to order pizza?”

If it’s not response “A,” you need to read this post! Below are three tips to help you think like a marketer when hiring – and attract better talent:

Build your employment brand:

  • Start by making sure that everyone in your company:
    • knows your mission, vision and branding objectives;
    • understands what makes your company a great place to work;
    • is trained on your “rules of engagement” for interacting effectively with job seekers online.
  • Be sure that your online presence (including your recruitment website, social media pages, etc.) has a cohesive, branded look and feel. Ultimately, every way you connect with candidates should convey your company’s culture, goals and employer brand.
  • Be honest. Communicate to job seekers what your company really is – not what it wants to be someday. Candidates respond more favorably to employers that develop an authentic (not perfect) brand.
  • Thread your employment brand throughout job postings. Instead of posting job responsibilities, required experience and company “boilerplate,” explain to potential candidates why your organization is a great place to work!

Supplement paid job ads with social media posts.

Have a Facebook account? Create an engaging visual image with a link to your job posting, and share it on Facebook. If you have accounts on Twitter or Instagram, the same approach works well (especially if you’re recruiting younger workers who are tech-savvy). You’ll increase your opportunities for connecting with candidates, direct more people to your job posting, and best of all, it’s free.

Strike up recruitment conversations.

For years, online recruiting was a one-way street. HR and hiring managers sprayed job postings all over the internet, and then controlled the conversation once candidates applied. Now, however, you have the tools at your disposal to engage in true two-way conversation with prospective candidates. Even if individuals aren’t interested in or qualified for your available position, you can still communicate with them in meaningful ways that:

  • add value for potential candidates;
  • build your employment brand;
  • position your company favorably, so that when the right opportunity comes along, individuals will apply or or refer their friends to you.

Need help recruiting better talent?

Partner with Wood Personnel! We don’t “post and pray”; we present your company and positions in ways that build your employment brand and get the attention of top talent. Whether your needs are administrative, light industrial, IT, HR or accounting, we can help you hire more effectively. Contact our Cool Springs staffing service, or your local Wood Personnel office, to get started.