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ACA in 2016: 3 Ways Staffing Can Help Your Middle TN Business Manage Costs

As of January 1, the ACA has changed its definition of a “small employer” and is now requiring employers with 50 to 100 full-time/full-time-equivalent employees to offer adequate, affordable health coverage to the majority of employees and their dependent children.

Whew – that’s a mouthful.

In simpler language, it’s getting more expensive this year to employ people.

Want the best options for controlling benefits costs? Staying compliant with 2016 ACA requirements? And still getting your work done?

Our Nashville employment agency is here to help.

As a Middle Tennessee employer, keeping only as many full-time, direct employees as you need is a smart way to minimize benefits costs. A staffing firm like Wood Personnel can provide contingent employees as an alternative to hiring full-time employees to handle:

  • Seasonal demand. Many employers, from manufacturing to retail to accounting, experience periodic, predictable surges in production or business activity. Instead of hiring direct employees for your peaks (and incurring additional benefits expense), maintain a smaller core workforce adequate for the low end of your business cycle. Then, supplement your team with temporaries as needed. You’ll reduce your payroll and your exposure to ACA.
  • Special projects. Wood Personnel can quickly provide individuals with specialized expertise or hard-to-find skills to complete discrete projects. Once the project is finished, so are your expenses! And, since we serve as the Employer of Record for contract workers, determining benefits eligibility and paying for healthcare coverage is our responsibility – not yours.
  • Rapid growth. If business is picking up for you, you may be considering additional hires. But how can you be sure if the uptick is permanent? Reduce your risk and control your benefits expense by supplementing your team with qualified temporary employees. Evaluate these people on the job, and then use Wood Personnel’s temp-to-hire option only if you are certain your needs are permanent – and you’ve found the right people.

If you have a short-term or uncertain hiring need, consider the advantages temporary and contract employees can provide. By staffing your business more strategically, and matching your workforce to your workflow, you can greatly reduce your labor and benefits costs (while staying compliant – and getting your work done!).

Want more information on ACA?

As a leading Nashville employment agency and member of the American Staffing Association, Wood Personnel is dedicated to being a resource for information on this important legislation.

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