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The Squeeze: Avoiding Common Problems Middle Managers Face

Managing multiple generations.

Motivating diverse work teams.

Keeping your boss, employees and customers happy.

Striking a balance between home and work.

With so many people to satisfy and goals to meet, it’s natural for middle managers to occasionally feel conflicted. Stuck. Like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

And yet, mid-level managers are the backbone of today’s modern organization – especially larger ones. If you’re in management, you’re a vital link between employees and senior management, and you’re responsible for implementing your company’s strategy, every day.

How can you beat “the squeeze” and keep your management goals, career and well-being on track?

Today, our Nashville staffing and recruiting firm shares seven tips for avoiding common problems middle managers face:

  • Understand the needs of a diverse workforce. Today’s workers are more demographically and culturally diverse than ever – and so are their needs. In this earlier post, we share tips for managing younger workers.
  • Improve your time management and productivity skills. If you constantly find yourself reacting and fighting fires each day, be more intentional – especially in the way you start your day.This post includes great ideas for making your mornings more productive. And if you want to increase your focus and get more time back on the job, Wood’s staffing and recruiting solutions can help.
  • Require direct reports to be as efficient as you. As you build your own productivity, help your team do the same. Share the technology, processes and tips that work for you. Require them to use the same planning, communication and execution methods that make you successful.
  • Be decisive. Nobody likes to make tough, unpopular decisions. But when the situation requires it, be prepared to tackle problems head-on, act decisively and take calculated risks.
  • Keep yourself relevant. Read regularly – both within your field and outside it – to stay abreast of key trends, threats and opportunities which may impact your career or your organization.
  • Be mindful of organizational politics. While you may not need to “play the game” to succeed, you should understand your company’s “hierarchy,” be able to gauge sensitive situations, and prepare your responses accordingly. If you struggle with this aspect of your role, learn more about emotional intelligence and how you can improve yours.
  • Take good care of yourself. Work is important, but it shouldn’t be the only thing in your life. Make yourself a priority by: pursuing a hobby; having meaningful conversations with friends or family members each day; finding more ways to move at work if your job is sedentary; and using your vacation days.

Feeling the squeeze of tough employment management challenges?

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