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You Spring Clean Your House – Why Not Your Job Search?

Spring is right around the corner!

Time to get down to some serious cleaning – of your job search, that is.

Just like your windows, your garage or your closets, your search for the perfect career could benefit from an annual cleaning. Whether you’re currently unemployed or looking for better jobs in Middle Tennessee, use these tips to spring clean your job search:

Re-evaluate your goals.

Now is the perfect time to consider where you are in your career and where you want to be. Define a long-term career vision for yourself and write it down. Break that big goal down into shorter-term goals, and establish target deadlines and ways to measure your progress along the way.

Build your network.

Sure, it takes time to expand your professional network, but persisting with a few habits can help you quickly grow your sphere of influence in a short time. Here are a few tips for success:

  • Focus your efforts. Instead of attending every job fair or plastering your resume all over the internet, select the best organizations, social media sites and events for your career goals.
  • Challenge yourself. Meeting new people is tough, but moving outside your comfort zone can dramatically shorten your job search. So even when you find it difficult, challenge yourself to get to know more people who are connected within your target industry or field.
  • Go social. LinkedIn and other social media platforms are effective, convenient tools you can use to connect and stay top-of-mind. Make sure you manage your privacy settings correctly and always “put your best foot forward” online.

Polish your resume.

The results of your work should stand out on your resume, rather than the work itself. So look for opportunities to: make your lead-off more attention-grabbing; quantify accomplishments and measurable results; show potential employers “what’s in it for them”; and incorporate relevant keywords throughout.

Register with Wood Personnel.

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