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Frustrated with Skills Gaps? Wood Can Help

Tired of talent crunches?

Sick of skills gaps?

Done with position vacancies?

It’s understandable, in light of current employment market and demographic conditions. As we mentioned in an earlier post, the U.S. workforce is transforming – dramatically. For example:

  • Women are comprising a greater share of the workforce.
  • Large numbers of Baby Boomers are exiting simultaneously.
  • The workforce readiness of new entrants is declining overall.

As the “big shift” continues and our economy steadily improves, talent shortages are reaching critical levels. Minor hiring delays and staff shortages are escalating into big problems for employers throughout Middle Tennessee. If you’re frustrated with skills gaps, we certainly get it – and we can help!

Here are three ways our Lebanon staffing and recruiting agency can deliver the people you need, faster:

  • Shorten learning curves with pre-oriented temporaries. If you can’t take time to conduct your own on-the-job training, bring on trained temporaries to perform the work instead. Wood Personnel uses in-depth interviews, skills testing and reference checks to ensure that our employees are ready to perform their assigned tasks. We also share important information about your environment, as well as project or assignment specifics, with our field employees, so workers can jump right in and begin contributing immediately.
  • Use temporary experts to accelerate training or lead project teams. Don’t have the expertise you need in house? Bring in one of Wood Personnel’s technical or subject-matter expert on a project basis. We can provide functional and industry experts to upskill your team, speed project ramp-up or keep your processes running smoothly.
  • Access trained, certified workers. The technology driving your business is rapidly evolving, regardless of your industry. We can help you stay ahead of looming skills gaps by:
    1. Forecasting talent supply and demand issues due to economic, industry and employment market changes;
    2. Sourcing qualified candidates with in-demand skills and certifications in advance of your needs;
    3. Skills-training our field employees to improve their abilities.

Case in point? According to the American Staffing Association’s most recent client survey, over 1 in 4 companies (26%) surveyed said that the top benefit of using staffing firms was having access to talent with specialized skills.

Feeling the talent crunch?

Give our Lebanon staffing firm (or your local Wood Personnel office) a call today! We continually recruit skilled workers and talented professionals in a variety of industries and positions – so you have timely access to the people you need.