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We See You, Wallflower

Do you find yourself envying those individuals who can walk into a room full of strangers and talk to any one of them?

Find yourself hesitating to speak up at meetings – even when you have something important to share?

Wish you could be more outgoing at work?

Whether you’ve been with your employer for years or are new to a company, it can be challenging to overcome shyness at work. But if you have serious career aspirations, you’ll reach your goals faster if you get involved, share your perspectives and make a good name for yourself (all of which are really tough if you’re shy).

Thankfully, your situation isn’t hopeless – you just need a positive attitude and the right tools. Today, our Murfreesboro staffing service shares tips to help you stop being a wallflower at work – and achieve more by using your natural personality to your advantage:

Figure out what’s causing your shyness.

More than likely, you’re not shy all the time. You probably feel completely comfortable around your close friends and family. See if you can pinpoint what triggers your shyness at work:

  • Think through situations which have caused you to become anxious or insecure.
  • Consider what those situations have in common.
  • Pinpoint what made you feel uncomfortable or shy – and then use the following ideas to change your response to similar situations in the future.

Determine your strengths.

Tend to focus on your weaknesses? Many shy people do. It’s a vicious cycle: instead of focusing on what you’re good at, you dwell on the negatives – which just leads to more self-doubt and introversion.

Stop selling yourself short! Make a list of your achievements, the things you’re great at, and all of the valuable ways you contribute to your organization. Keep your list handy and read it over before you enter a typically anxiety-provoking situation at work. Positive self-talk will help you stay relaxed and be more confident.

Take the focus off yourself.

If you hate being in the spotlight, asking questions is a great way to keep the focus on others – while still being engaged in a situation. When you feel like you’re being thrust into the hot seat, try asking one of these questions to keep the conversation going (and take the pressure off for a minute):

  • What do you think about X?
  • Why do you say that?
  • Could you tell me more about that?

Use shyness to your advantage.

Shyness has advantages at work? Yes! Here are three positives to being shy:

  • You may steer clear of conflict. If you don’t habitually stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, you’re much less likely to create unwanted drama.
  • You may be viewed as collected and thoughtful. Your boss and co-workers probably know that when you do speak up, you have something important to say (and aren’t just talking to hear the sound of your own voice).
  • Your mistakes may be less scrutinized. If you’re not a high-profile employee who’s always making a big deal of his contributions, you’re less likely to be a “target” if and when you do make a mistake at work.

Using these tips will help you calm your nerves at work and appreciate your natural personality more. With a little bit of confidence, and just a touch more assertiveness, you’ll be achieving more in the workplace in no time!

Shyness holding your job search back?

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